Sep 24

A MacRumors forum threat reports that some iPhone 5 customers are having a problem with the iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Byran85 writes “I just got done setting up my iPhone 5 (as new, not restore). I was trying to download my music from iTunes when it seemed to be taking forever. I cancelled the downloads and then kept testing the WiFi in various other ways. Just loading the app store, my iPhone 4 will load anything faster than my iPhone 5 right now. I’ve rebooted the router and tried multiple devices and have narrowed the problem down to the WiFi in the iPhone 5. I’ve also tried using different bands, 2.4 and 5 both produce the same outcome. I launched app about 2 minutes ago and hit begin test. Its still “finding the closest server”. I have also tried the reset network settings. Still the same issue.” In that same threat other people report slow to no connectivity. » iPhone 5 Users Report Slow & Inconsistent Wi-Fi Connections