May 10

Disney has just released a new photo and video sharing app for the iPhone, called “Story”, which to create and share photo and video collages¬†with friends and family. “On your phone, you have countless moments captured in photographs and videos. The Story app gathers those moments and helps you transform them into stories that are easy to personalize, save and share.» Story: New Photo & Video App For iOS Created by Disney

Apr 20

I was thinking to write 2 separate reviews, but as the options for both programs are actually the same, i’ll just bundle them together :)

Wallpaper and collage now have the options to leave comments on wallpapers and photos.

You will have a new option to leave a comment. Which is actually pretty cool.
When first reacting to a photo or wallpaper, you will need to register. Luckily you will only have to do this on 1 app, the other takes the settings of the first app.

Both apps are getting the feel of a online community, i’m wondering what the developer is planning to do next …
» Collage 2.2 and Wallpaper 2.3

Mar 24

Collage is one of the iApp-a-day apps. It is one of the few applications that still receives updates.

Personally i don’t like this tool that much, but if you like sharing a picture or if you like being a voyeur :), then this app is for you.

Collage gives us the possibility to look at other people’s pictures and to upload one of our own to the system.

» Look at people’s pictures with Collage