Feb 24

pic4Siax is a perfect VOIP application for your iPhone. With Siax you can add any or multiple VOIP providers to make cheap calls when you are in a WIFI Hotspot or you have a 3G/UMTS connection. Siax supports SIP and IAX2 protocol.
» Cydia – Siax (VOIP Client)

Oct 02

Beejive is a well known name in instant meassaging and they have now released an iPhone version. It is a very reliable, it logs on every time I have connection no errors, unlike mobilechat witch relies on a seperate server that always seems to be down. The new app supports landscape mode and portrait mode. It has an all new chat bubble witch is pretty neat. The $16 price tag does seem to be a little much but once you try it you’ll regret ever hesitating to click “Buy”. All around five stars easy to use and reliable a must have.
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