Dec 12

iPhone-Christmas-5Today we have collected 20 iPhone / iPod Touch Christmas Wallpapers. To save the wallpapers: Right click the wallpaper you like and click Save as. Or on your iPhone hold your finger on the wallpaper you want and click Save Image. A second christmas wallpaper list will come when christmas is arriving. Enjoy using these wallpapers till then. You may also like 25 iPhone Wallpapers:  Apple Logos.

» 20 iPhone Christmas Wallpapers

Dec 11

IMG_0736Are you going to buy a Christmas tree? Well, if you do, than what are you going to use to decorate the tree? Are you a real iPhone fan? Than the following plexiglas iPhone icons may be the perfect decoration.

» iPhone Icons For The Christmas Tree

Nov 16

Santa’s Workshop is a game available in the App Store. The game involves helping Santa in the workshop by putting toys on a conveyor belt after the elves have made them, load the sleigh by taking the toys off the conveyor belt and putting them in buckets to complete the list and finally to deliver the toys by flying over houses and dropping the toys into the chimneys. More inside.

» App Store – Santa’s Workshop

May 21


iPhone ToysNo Comments »      Chris Eissens

Excuses or Excuses is another app that got moved from the DAVTEAM to the BigBoss repo.
As i haven’t reviewed it yet, this is a good opportunity to do so.
Excuses is a excuses generator for work, school or Police (although i wouldn’t really use them for the police ;) )
Imagine telling to a police officer, Officer please excuse me because, i thought the red light was a Christmas decoration …
I wouldn’t do that … but if you do try it, please let me know the outcome :)
» Excuses

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