Nov 28

Best Buy made a commercial about the Apple products they sell.  But why should you prefer buying at Best Buy over a official Apple Retail Store? Best Buy prices are significantly lower then the official Appl Reteail Store.  For instance, they have the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros $200 off and $150 off the 13-inch MacBook Pro as well. » Game On Santa With Apple Gifts At Best Buy

Dec 13

Christmas 2010 will be a good Christmas for iOS 4.2.1 users. iCykey sended a tweet to Comex saying “I want a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for Christmas :P” Comex responded with “you’ll get it”. We don’t know when Comex will release his new jailbreak exactly but, we do know that you probably need the SHSH-data from iOS 3.2.2 (iPad) or iOS 4.1 to jailbreak iSO 4.2.1. I will keep you updated when more information will be released.

Dec 08

Homerun Battle 3D
Com2uS announced that they have released a major Christmas update for their big hit title Homerun Battle 3D for free to celebrate an early Christmas. Homerun Battle 3D, a baseball game phenomenon, will be inviting Santa Claus to pitch for the homerun derby matchups during the holiday season and he will be mixing gift boxes with his fast balls, curve balls and sliders among other pitch types. You can update for free or download the game for $4,99 in the App Store. » Homerun Battle 3D Christmas Update

Dec 06

Since the iPhone gets more and more Augmented Reality applications and Christmas is on his way, I would like to show you the movie above. Metaio´s developers and the renowned German Magician Simon Pierro have teamed up to bring you an extraordinary mixture of classic magical skills and real-time visualization technology. The story about love, peace and of course some reindeers was captured in a single shot and contains no post production or editing except sound and some on air design (credits). Simon Pierro and metaio would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a lot fun with finding out: what is real and what is an illusion? So can we see these kind of Augmented Reality on the iPhone soon?

Dec 03

Com2uS announced that they have prepared a series of gifts to their fans to celebrate the happiest holidays of the year, Christmas. As its first gift to fans and gamers, Slice It! Christmas stages will be available as a free update.

The Christmas update for Slice It! is a whole package with 20 new stages, new Christmas carol BGMs and graphics rejoicing the Christmas holiday season. An additional bonus stages that are hidden and can be opened as you play the game will be like an experience of opening your presents around the Christmas tree. Whether its a Christmas tree or a Snowman or a lit candle stick, Slicing them in to equal pieces with Slice It! will be a great fun experience to play and to share with family and friends for the holidays.

» Slice It! Christmas Update!

Sep 18

The white iPhone 4 still hasn’t been released because of some production issues, but maybe it will be a white Christmas for some iPhone fans. Apple promised to release the white iPhone 4 later this year, but it looks like it will be released around Christmas. A student has send a email to Steve Jobs with the question “when will the white iPhone 4 be released” and as we all expected Steve gave a short reply saying “Christmas is later this year.”. » Steve Jobs “Confirms” White iPhone For Christmas?

Dec 17

more_noel_iphone_casesApple has created a new commercial and posted it on their website. The commercial shows 12 different apps that have something to do with Christmas. The list of 12 apps (as well as the video) is provided below: » Apple Commercial: 12 Apps Of Xmas

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