May 19

reported that a iPhone manufacturer deployed 100 counsellors to protect the 800.000 employees in China from committing suicide. They decided this after at least seven employees committed suicides this year in its Chinese factories. Geoffrey Crothall, communications director at Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin said “It’s not just related to Foxconn. There’s a lot of pressure on young workers in factories all over China. Very few people pay attention to other factories, Foxconn is always in the spotlight, largely because of its relationship to Apple.” Sun Danyong (25) committed suicide in July after a iPhone Prototype was missing, a 24 year old worker died after she jumped of her apartment block in Shenzhen three days before a worker died from injuries after falling from a company dormitory on May 14. » Apple Deployed 100 Counsellors To Prevent Suicide

Nov 03

104733-iphone_4g_midboard_500(click on the image for larger version)

Gizmodo reports that Chinese parts supplier China Ontrade is offering an “Apple iPhone 4 Generation Midboard”, which the company claims it received from Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn on November 1st. The site also claims that it will be posting pictures of the back cover of the next-generation iPhone in the near future. » Rumor: Is This A iPhone 4G “Midboard”?

Oct 31

china iphoneThe iPhone has been officially launched in China yesterday. A few hundred people were waiting to get their hands on the iPhone, says Fortune. The first official iPhone was given to a person in Bejing at half past 6 in the evening local time.

» China: Big Row For iPhone

Oct 29


Apple contacted The New York Times to discuss getting the newspaper content on the upcoming Apple Tablet. Other rumors suggest Apple wants to bring interactive comics to the tablet computer. They also contacted Australian media companies about the same proposal. And before that, rumors leaked about Foxconn being the most likely manufacturer of the device. New rumors seem to confirm that rumor.

» Apple Very Busy Making Arrangements For Upcoming iTablet

May 26

iphone20091In the previous massage, iLounge claimed to have a digital rendition of the new  iPod Nano.  They also say something about the new iPhone. There will be two versions of 3G, two versions of enhanced 3G (3.5G / 3.75G), and two versions specially made for China. They will all have the same size and general design as the current model, but have a new back, made of less scratchable matte plastic. All three versions have been specifically designed to match the telecom systems. And ofcourse you have a choice to choose capacity and color of the iPhone.

Mar 24

4_icon_iphone_01jpgMacWorld gives an account of a news from China’s Unicom, in reference to the iPhone information they have published on their web site. » China Unicom to bring iPhone to China?

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