Nov 07

Apple already released a press release some time ago, saying that the iPhone 4S launch is the most successful launch so far and the launch of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong confirms that. “Apple began taking reservations for its iPhone 4S in Hong Kong and 14 additional countries this past Friday, but pre-orders sold out in ten minutes”, which is pretty impressive since Siri does not speak yet Mandarin or Cantonese. “Due to low taxes, Hong Kong and Shanghai (where Apple operates beautiful stores) are among the best places to buy Apple gear”. » iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sell Out In Hong Kong In 10 Minutes

Sep 30

Fake iPhone For Sale China Arrested
A local Shanghai news paper reported that five people have been arrested in Shanghai by the local police for creating and selling fake versions of the Apple iPhone. “Police said those arrested were part of an organised gang that bought components for the phones from Guangdong in southern China and assembled them in rented apartments in Shanghai.” The police found around 200 fake iPhone during the crackdown. » Fake iPhone Creators busted in China

Sep 17

Apple In China Infographic header
has put together an informative infographic about Apple in China. It includes some intersting facts about the workers in China and Apple patents. “The land with over a billion people can not be ignored both as a manufacturing juggernaut and retail opportunity. Apple is heavily involved in both aspects and largely succeeding in China where many businesses have struggled. Will Apple be able to dominate the Chinese retail landscape like they have in the rest of the world?” Check out the infographic after the break. » Apple In China [Infographic]

Aug 19

Appleinsider posted on their website that there are some angry people in China, customers reported purchasing iPhone 4s from Beijing Apple Stores only to discover their warranties were for less than a year, prompting allegations that the handsets were refurbished. Yes the report claims Apple sells iPhones to their customers “you” that has been given back to the Apple Store by previous customers because there was something wrong with the device. After Apple fixed this issue it goes back to the Apple Store, ready to be sold again. » Chinese People Angry: Apple Accused Of Selling Refurbished iPhones As New In China

Aug 13

Everybody knows that China makes copies of all Apple products. But that they create copies of Apple products that are not even announced yet is something new. In the movie above thay claim they created a copy of the upcoming iPhone 5. But I hope for Apple and the Apple fans that the real deal will not look as cheap as the one in the movie above. The iPhony is just $70, and looks pretty nice. But when we start talking about specs and quality it is really a joke, it even includes a built-in stylus. » iPhone 5 Clone

Aug 04

In China, the government is pretty much in control of everything. This includes what we read, listen and it even apply to mobile software. Ministry of National Defense of the Peoples Republic of China decided to release their official app called PLA Daily, but Apple rejected this application. Instead of releasing PLA Daily in the App Store they decided to release it via Cydia. » Chinese Military: Official App That Requires A Jailbreak

Aug 01

When i was surving the web today, I came across a phone called GooApple 3G. This is a iPhone 4 knockoff that runs on Andoid 2.2. It has exactly the same dimensions as the real iPhone 4. And if you ask me, it looks amazing. It looks like they actually used real iPhone 4 parts to get this perfect knockoff. Ofcouce the specs are not the same but they are not bad either. Its runs Android 2.2 OS, iPhone iOS style UI, 3.5 inch multi-touch screen, support 3G(WCDMA), GSM network, front and rear Camera “I am not sure about the camera specs, multiple websites say something different. If somebody knows the real camera specs please leave a comment.”, support auto focus, digital zoom and it includes a Powerful Qualcom processor 1GHz chipset. The best of all is the price, it can be purchased on the official website here (but i cant find the price on the official website) but its also for sale on multiple other websites for under $250 “just Google for GooApple 3G”. Check more pictures and video after the break. » GooApple 3G: Amazing iPhone 4 Knockoff Running Android [Video]

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