Jun 06

I missed this update in the installer. BiteSMS has been updated to version 1.15. The current changes are not that much. The developers have added french and german translations. They’ve changed the display order of SMS’S to match that of the native SMS app. Fixed bug where credit voucher SMS was not accredited correctly. Fixed bug where SMS text containing ‘>’ and ‘<’ could cause biteSMS to exit.
» BiteSMS 1.15 – Cheap SMS client for the iPhone

May 27

BiteSMS 1.14

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BitSMS is a app that let’s you send sms’es for very cheap prices.
Version 1.14 got released and the updates are the following:
* **Forwarding**: right swipe any message conversation bubble to forward it!!!
* Improved scrolling of text field when entering or editing a message.
* Ensures that auto correction word is always visible.
* Support credit voucher SMS delivery to China.
* Changed 3 retries to 2 when sending via biteSMS, and improved information text when offering to switch to Mobile Carrier.
» BiteSMS 1.14