Sep 02

Above and after the break you find two new videos that give a detailed look at the casings of the “champagne” colored iPhone 5S and the “graphite” 5S. The video above from BestTechInfo offers a view of the purported black and “graphite” version of the iPhone 5S compared to the existing black and slate iPhone 5. The video after the break from TLD offers a good overview of both the casing and the structural differences between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5. » Two New Videos Of “Champagne” iPhone 5S & “Graphite” 5S

Aug 27

A new video posted by AppAdvice, gives a detailed look at of Apple’s upcoming “champagne” iPhone 5S and a close look at the blue low-cost iPhone “5C”. In the video after the break AppAdvice compares the backplates of both devices to the existing iPhone 5. » Video Offers Detailed Look at Upcoming “Champagne” iPhone 5S and Low-Cost iPhone

Aug 23

Over the past few weeks, numerous reports from trusted sources note that Apple will launch a third color option “Gold/Champagne”. Now Japanese website ASCII.JP [Google translation] and AppAdvice has posted new photos showing the rumored golden/champagne iPhone 5S. The photos compare the “champage” iPhone 5S with the current iPhone 5 color options as well as a solo photo from the device’s rear and a number of parts uncluding the volume buttons and SIM tray. » HQ “Champagne” iPhone 5S Rear Shell Photos

Aug 20

Lately a lot of sources are saying that Apple will launch a “golden” iPhone 5S, which doesn’t sound like Apple at all. However, AllThingsD and 9to5Mac now also reported that gold will indeed be a new option. » AllThingsD Confirms Apple Will Release a Gold iPhone

Aug 16

The latest iPhone 5S rumor….. It will be available in gold…. Yes thats right, multiple sites, including, BGR (calling it “Champagne”), Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Rene Ritchie of iMore and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has offered accurate information on Apple’s upcoming product plans numerous times, said the 5S would be available in gold. » iPhone 5S to Be Available in Gold/Champagne with 128 GB Option