Oct 27

SBSettings is a BossPrefs replacement available in Cydia via the BigBoss source. It is a simple app and it doesn’t add an icon to the springboard. All you have to do is swipe the status bar and a box will slide down the screen with info about your iPhone and also thing in which you want to toggle. More info and screenshots inside.

» Cydia – SBSettings

Sep 29

Apple has filed a new pair of filings for US patents. The fillings will make users’ lives easier by letting them pair wireless devices just by bringing them together as well as filling out missing address book data simply by making a request through e-mail. Personally i think these fillings are already in use by the Nike+ and IPod system. Credit for the rest of the article goes to AppleInsider.
» Apple files for new distance-based pairing, auto contact data patents

Sep 11

iFixit has dissasembled the second generation iPod Touch along with the new Nano, and have revealed that the iPod Touch 2G has a bluetooth chip built in! They haven’t determined yet whether it supports stereo headphones. » Bluetooth chip found in the iPod Touch 2G

Apr 16

I haven’t written anything about BossPrefs, but now that a new version got released, it’s the perfect time :)

This is one of those app’s everybody should install.
why ?

Cause it gives you almost full control of all service running on your iPhone.
The app Basically gives you switches for all services that you have running on your iPhone.
» BossPrefs 1.63 released (update 1.64)

Apr 09

According to several posts on the hackint0sh forum, the chipset that will support the 3G iPhone will be the PMB8878 or better known as the S-GOLD3H.
The current version of the iPhone is powered by the S-GOLD2 chipset, so we might have found the chip that will power the next iPhone.
But maybe apple is planning to use another chipset, we will not know this until final release !
» iPhone 3G chipset found?

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