Sep 06

Mophie Chargers For iPhone
Mophie released 3 new Juice Pack mobile chargers, the Boost, Powerstation and Reserve. Unlike their batterypacks these chargers are not cases like they used to make, these chargers can be used for any iDevice and need to be plugged into the 30-pin connector. It has a compact shape and a pop-out USB connector that is attached to a plastic cable. » Mophie: New Juice Pack Chargers For iPhone

Aug 26

The big difference between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S is that the Galaxy S has a removable battery while the iPhone 4 hasn’t. If your Galaxy S battery is empty, it doesn’t have to be a problem because you can just put a new fully charged battery in it and you are good to go. Luckily there is also a solution for the iPhone 4 users, the Mili PowersSpring 4. The Mili PowerSpring 4 is a extended battery pack for your iPhone 4 that will double the lifetime of your iPhone battery. » Double The Battery Life Of Your iPhone 4 With The Mili PowerSpring 4!

Jul 24

There are many people complaining about the short batterylife of smartphones and the iPhone cannot be denied as well. Your probably someone who uses his iPhone the entire day (as most of us), but there are also several people who use the iPhone a little bit less, but still see their battery drain very fast. These people could have battery problems. The iPhone Blog wrote some tips for the users with battery problems. » Some Tips To Prevent Fast Battery Drainage

Jul 20


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batterylifeBatteryLife displays the battery charge on percentage and graphic information. It gives the charge percentage of the battery on the last time you used the application, giving also the date and time of your last verification and shows for how long the device stayed plugged to a power source while the application was running. » BatteryLife

Jun 25

battery-logApple will make the iPhone Battery Logging-profile available for its customers who complain about the battery life of their device, according to information on the website of HardMac. The user installs the profile and after that all usage of the iPhone will be monitored over a specific amount of time. » Battery Life Logging

Oct 16

Mophie has released its iPhone 3G Juice Pack, for those who don’t know how it works, the Mophie Juice Pack is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case. It extends the time that you can use your iPhone 3G in these ways (additional hours):
» Mophie Juice Pack For iPhone 3G

Oct 07

The European Union will be looking at legislation that will force device makers to create electronics that will have the battery be easily removable. Apple has, up to now, opted for design aesthetics, making the battery removal hard for the average consumers. Instead, users are asked to have their batteries exchanged or replaced at an Apple authorized service center, through AppleCare, or via the Genius Bar at an Apple retail location. The European Union initiative will make it more eco-friendly so that users will be able to dispose of the batteries properly. Batteries that are thrown away through the garbage may leak into landfills, harming the environment. » Will the E.U. Force Apple to Redesign iPhones?

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