Aug 02

The last rumors claimed the iPhone 5 will be launched in “late” September, but the last rumor by allthingsd claims it will be launched in October instead. Earlier Gizmodo reported that the iPhone 5 will be launched at the end or September but according to allthings, a source familiar with Apples plans said “I do not know why AT&Ts calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it is not for an iPhone launch”. “October” the source said, while declining to offer a hard-launch date. Other sources said it will be later in the month, rather than earlier. » Next Gen iPhone Will Be Launched In October, Not September!

Mar 31

After the break you can find a Infographic that shows the potential impact of the ATT/TMobile merger. » AT&T And TMobile Merger [Infographic]

Feb 14

9to5mac reported that AT&T is giving away 1000 free minutes to all iPhone users who are sticking with them. Some AT&T iPhone users received a message telling them to text the word “yes” to 11113020 to receive 1000 free rollover minutes. “There was some concern it was a scam but we’ve now verified it with AT&T – It’s legit.” » AT&T Giving Out 1000 Free Minutes To All Customers

Feb 06

AT&T created a commercial to respond to commercial Verizon released 2 days ago. The message Verizon is trying to say is “you can finally place calls on your iPhone”, AT&T responded with the message, “Only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time.”. In this Network spot, a man is working late in his office when he receives a call from his wife. When she asks about the plans for their anniversary that night, a frantic look crosses his face as he realizes he has forgotten the big night. Mid-call, he is able to pull up the browser of his iPhone and search for restaurants. Playing it cool, he talks up the night’s plans while making the reservations from his phone. The ad can be seen after the jump. » AT&T vs Verizon: AT&T New iPhone Ad

Sep 17

Much speculation has surrounded this idea that the iphone will be landing on Verizon in January of 2011. I keep hearing this and to clear it up i think it’s nothing more than a rumor. Doesn’t anyone know that AT&T and Apple have an agreement that AT&T will be the single carrier of the iPhone till 2012? » Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon?

Aug 02

FaceTime is only possible over Wi-Fi because Apple and AT&T didn’t allow us to make FaceTime calls over 3G network. But thanks to My3G we now can make FaceTime calls over 3G network. My3G makes apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G, thanks to this little tweak the FaceTime app also thinks you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot while you actually use your 3G network. This way you can make FaceTime calls anytime you want and you are not depended to Wi-Fi hotpots anymore. You can get My3G in the Cydia store via the ModMyi repo.

Jun 30

Would you like to purchase a iPhone 4 “which has been sold over 1.7 million times in the first three days”. Well AT&T just started selling the new iPhone since 7am on June 29th and the waiting lines are huge again. Luckily for the people that don’t want to wait in line, AT&T upgraded their website and is now offering online ordering. Did you pick up a iPhone 4 at the AT&T store? » AT&T Started Selling iPhone 4 Devices

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