May 31

Community sources have been updated to version 3.84
There’s not much that changes.
The main iSpazio repo has been added to the list off official community sources.
» Community Sources 3.84

May 21

Sketches is probably one of the first app’s that became very popular on our iPhones and iPod touches.
Untill now i didn’t have the time yet to have a quick look at the app.
The developers have released the latest update (version 07b4), so this gives me the perfect excuse to have a mini-review.
The application allows you to draw on the screen, select a picture from the photo album or shoot a photo to draw on top of it.
It also has the ability to use pencils and colors to draw all sort of shapes.
You can save your work to the photo library (so that you can synchronize back to your computer), send to a mail address or send it to your twitter account!
You can even erase your drawing by shaking your iPhone, as if it were an etch-a-sketch!
» Sketches 07b4

May 19

Installer got an update to version 3.11 today.

AppTapp and Ripdev have included some beautifull new features.
Let me list the new features:

-the ability to refresh only 1 source instead of all your sources (thanks guys !)
– a quick restart of your SpringBoard without Locking your Screen 1.1.3
– A more infor tab for the sources
– Russian localization thanks to RiP Dev (alexxb5)
– The repository is no longer stored in the cache.
– Uninstall has a search function
» Installer 3.11 upgrade released !

May 17

StreetFlow 0.9

iPhone Apps5 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Streetflow 0.9 has been released.

StreetFlow is an application that let’s you tag Resto information around you (it finds this by the geolocation feature), you can add reviews and check out the reviews of resto’s around your neighborhood.
The app has some new features, it’s now been integrated in the official AppTapp repository and it uses the same infrastructure and features as Collage and WallPaper.

Collage and Wallpaper already had a feature that let’s you give comments and receive email reactions on your posts. Streetflow now uses the same login and password information.
Streetflow has now been implemented on the splashscreen of your installed also.
» StreetFlow 0.9

May 16

Some of us have had some issues with installing applications since the new installer was released.
Some app’s that simply refused to work without some minor adjustments.
I personally had the issue with customize and some other app’s.
I clarified released a fix for these issues, you can find the update in the installer.

» Installer 3.1 fix

May 16

PhoneZap 1.2.2

iPhone Apps3 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Our friends from Nullriver sofware (the creators of the installer) have released another fun little app.
PhoneZap is a iPhone/ iPod touch client for the phonezap community.

The app let’s you share picutures with geotagging, send txt messages, and let’s you create ringtones.

It feels a bit like twitter but you have the added ringtones feature.

 » PhoneZap 1.2.2

May 10

This is unconfirmed news, but some people are mentioning that our installer will soon get an update to version 3.11.

The new features will be:
* Repositories will not be saved in Cash anymore.
* Now you can make a .zip file and put it to ~/Media/Installer…
* Fast relaunch of SpringBoard without going into Lock Screen for 1.1.3+
* Dynamic size of the field More Info for Sources
* Russian Localization from RiP Dev
* Update button of ONLY 1 source,becaurse for us not to update the WHOLE list of our sources.


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