Oct 14


With the economy the way it is, many folks are choosing not to travel. The great thing about the world in which we live, the Internet can bridge the gap between one’s desire to travel and the reality of not being able to. From Google Earth to Wikipedia you can cruise the world from the comfort of your bathrobe in your mothers basement. And now with ‘What Country’, you now have the ability to travel the world in the palm of your hand. Well sort of. The idea has potential. You can view the world country by country through a series of pictures and entertaining facts. The problem with this app lies with the execution. I found the app to be boring, cliche and lazy.

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Nov 20

steve_jobsYou’ve probably heard about the fact that Apple doesn’t like other people to use images that look like an iPhone or MacBook. Apple also doesn’t want you to use their product names in application you created. The company “The Little App Factory” had this problem. They named their app ‘iPodRip’. Apple wasn’t pleased with that.

» Steve Jobs Says: “Don’t Nag!”

Oct 05

digg-iphoneYou’ll soon find an iPhone application for Digg, Kevin Rose, founder of the website Digg, confirmed. Arnt Erikson and Thomas Moen confronted Rose and asked him the question about the upcoming Digg application.

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Aug 03

devteam 2For iPhone users with a jailbreak it always remains hard to decide wether to update to the next firmware or not. The questions that circle in your mind are: “Is it already possible to jailbreak?” “Can I unlock it after the update?”. There’s only one webstie that always has an up-to-date answer. And that website now has an application.

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Aug 01

The Wall Street Journal Reports (subscription required) that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has opened an inquiry into Apple’s rejection of an official Google Voice application for the iPhone as well as the removal of numerous third-party applications offering Google Voice functionality. In particular, the FCC is interested in AT&T’s role in the decision-making process. » Google Voice iPhone Application Investigation

Jul 12

apple-app-storeThere are countless applications for the iPhone, a lot of them you will never use.
But still there are some applications we would like to see on the iPhone that are not available yet.

Personally I would like to see Flash for the iPhone and Ipod so we can open all websites on the internet, and we can stream movies from the internet.
Also I am looking for LimeWire or an application that looks like LimeWire.

Just let us know what applications u are still waiting for.

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