May 28

The following screenshot popped up when someone found it in a images directory on After studying it briefly, we came to the conclusion it had to do something with the new Mac AppStore that is coming up. It looks like some profile setup for the iphone.

In March 2008, Apple announced they wanted to control the sale and distribution of applications for the iphone and ipod touch. The applications would be distributed in a so called Application Store, Apple is going to launch. CEO Steve Jobs described App Store as “an application we’ve written to deliver apps to the iphone. And we’re going to put it on every single iphone with the next release of the software.” » First AppStore Screenshot??

May 22

What happened today in New York??

Can you belive it? There’s already a line of 60 people waiting in line at the biggest ’24h open’ Applestore in New York City.

Most of the people don’t even know why they are waiting. Maybee it’s for the 3G iPhone or is it for a iMac?
If it’s for a 3G phone, then they will have to be there for quite some time. The earliest we can expect the iPhone 3g to be available in stores is 10 June… But that’s not even announced.
» 3G finally there? no but some people think it is ..

May 19

NYTimes’ Technology blog reports that Apple is currently in active negotiations with music labels about providing more mobile music content on their iTunes store.

One executive quoted specifically states that “[Apple wants] a big launch in June”, presumably referring to the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled to start on June 9th 2008. However, since negotiations only started a few weeks ago, the deals may not be in place in time for a WWDC announcement.
Apple reportedly wants to expand its Ringtone library and introduce the sale of “Answer Tones”. Answer Tones are customized sounds played to callers instead of the traditional ringing sound.

Another area of negotiation is the distribution of iTunes songs over the cellular network. For now, the iPhone allows you to purchase iTunes music only over Wi-fi networks. This had been thought to be a limitation of the slower EDGE data network, but it appears this mobile music distribution must be specifically negotiated with the record labels.
» Apple in Mobile Music Negotiations… for WWDC?

Apr 23

Forbes reports that Apple has agreed to purchase chip manufacturer P.A. Semi for $278 million. The company, founded in 2003, focuses on sophisticated, low-power chips that could possibly used in future models of the iPhone.

The decision to center the iPhone design around a chip that Apple could own marks a significant strategic choice by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, and is aimed at ensuring Apple can continue to differentiate its flagship phone as a raft of competitors flood the market. According to a source affiliated with the chip company, Jobs and Senior Vice President Tony Fadell led the tiny group of executives who spearheaded the acquisition, which included negotiations that took place in Jobs’ home.
P.A. Semi and Apple are no strangers to each other, as the chipmaker was reportedly courted by Apple to possibly provide Power-based chips before Apple finally settled on the switch to Intel.

Recent rumors have suggested that future platforms based around Intel’s forthcoming Atom processor might be targeted for the iPhone, but Apple’s acquisition of P.A. Semi suggests that this may not be the case.

News from macrumors.Com

Apr 22

This isn’t breaking news anymore, it has been posted all over the net, nevertheless i do want to keep you informed.

One of the features most of the iPhone users want on their phone is a native instant messaging client.
Yes we have programs like Chat and iJabber, but a native client would be much better, as our jailbreaked app’s can’t keep running in the background (yes they can with another option but let’s discuss that later).
» Apple filed an Instant Messaging Patent

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