Aug 19

Some people hate these commercials but i surely love them. Here’s mac and pc again in 3 new commercials. The first one is called Throne, the second one Pizza Box and last but not least Calming Teas. Hit the break to see them.
» 3 new get-a-mac ads

Aug 19

We all know that MobileMe wasn’t one of Apple’s success stories. In the last month the service has been more degraded than fully running. Apple agrees with this and gives all of it’s users 60 extra days for free. Read the official e-mail communication after the break.
» MobileMe – Apple gives 60 free days extra

Jul 24

Apple posted 3 new iPhone 3G ads which mainly express the 3G network speeds of the iPhone 3G. Everyone shows the users that they can use the internet at twice the speed and half the price. Unslow explains the 3G fast speed and Work Friendly is more aimed to business people as it shows you the downloading of mail and the synchronizing of your calendar.
» 3 New iPhone 3G ad’s have been released

Jul 01

Apple just posted a online guided iPhone 3G tour on their website. The guided tour features all the new functions of the iPhone 3G. MobileMe, GPS, 3G and much more. You can watch it here and even download it to watch again on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Jun 24

AppleTap 1.1 is a new application that gives you a Apple Encyclopedia in your hands. When you start the application you will see some changes with version 0.1. The new version has a settings button, but the only option you will find here is to mail the developer.
» AppleTap 1.1 – A Apple encyclopedia on your iPhone

Jun 16

MobileMe is going to cost 79€ in Europe versus 99$ in the USA. That the europeans always pay more then the USA is already common knowledge, but that Europe is getting less service for more money .. that is something new! If you take a US subscription the datatraffic allowed is 200GB, European country’s will only have 100GB! Another strange fact is that family members in the US get 5GB datatraffic as European family members only get 2,5GB. What’s happening with Apple?
» MobileME europe – half the storage and datatraffic as the US has

Jun 10
The new firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch is soon to be released. But so far there are no sollutions to keep your current ‘third-party’ applications on your device. Bigboss send’s out a warning for upgrading to the new firmware, which I will quote below. It all comes down to one thing: Wait for a while after the 2.0 firmware has been released. Developers are working on it and hopefully all it needs is a little patience.
» Warning for Firmware 2.0 on the iPhone
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