Oct 01

CNN is reporting that Apple may close it’s very successful iTunes music store soon. The reason for this is a new dispute by the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington. The Copyright Royalty Board is planning to raise the royalty’s that online music stores should pay them. This raise will off course be payed by us the users and not the distributors (Apple, Amazon, etc). Apple doesn’t like this change and therefore they are threatening to close down the iTunes store.
» Apple closing iTunes Music Store?

Sep 30

One of the much needed and wanted additions to the iPhone currently is the implementation of Adobe Flash Player in MobileSafari. There has been many speculations of how this will be done or if it will even make it to the iPhone. Well, reportedly, Adobe Systems’ Sr. Director of Engineering, Paul Betlem, has confirmed that Flash is indeed coming to the iPhone, but “Apple calls the shots as to when it’ll be available.” » Flash on iPhone: Adobe confirms it, Apple decides when

Sep 29

Apple has filed a new pair of filings for US patents. The fillings will make users’ lives easier by letting them pair wireless devices just by bringing them together as well as filling out missing address book data simply by making a request through e-mail. Personally i think these fillings are already in use by the Nike+ and IPod system. Credit for the rest of the article goes to AppleInsider.
» Apple files for new distance-based pairing, auto contact data patents

Sep 19

2 new iPhone/iPod Touch patents have been published. One talks about usability improvements and the other about interface improvements. Both seem to be linked to the upcoming ‘push’ feature Apple promised during the WWDC keynote. Hit the read more link to see the full details.
» New Apple patents : iPhone usability, interface improvements

Sep 09

The rumour has been confirmed by Steve Jobs, the 4th generation iPod nano is skinny again and features an accelerometer for automatic switching between portrait and landscape modes. Holding the center button during a song brings up the Genius menu.

» New Ipod Nano

Sep 09

Apple announced new premium in-ear heaphones during the let’s rock event. The most important new feature about these are the dual-drivers, meaning they have a woofer + tweeter. The greatest news about this all is the price-tag which is only 79$. Normally when you buy quality headphones with dual-drivers they will drop your bank account by a steady 200+$.
» Apple Premium In-Ear Headphones With Dual Drivers $79

Sep 04

Apple has filed a trademark application for “Cocoa Touch,” the software toolset that allows developers to access the Multi-Touch and accelerometer features in the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Apple has filed under International Class 009 in the U-S, seeking a trademark in the programming, data recovery and data analysis category. The Cocoa Touch API framework is included in the iPhone SDK.
» Apple applies “Cocoa Touch” for iPhone

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