Dec 27

During the new year in Japan, Apple will join the Fukubukuro, or “mystery bag” event on January 2th, when retailers will sell a grab bag that is filled with a random assortment of products sold at a steep discount. Apple has participated in this tradition for several years and sells their “Lucky Bags” for 33,000 yen or $390. Most of the times the bags include items like iPods, headphones, and t-shirts, however in previous years some lucky buyers received items like MacBook Airs or iPads, which have made Lucky Bags ultra popular in Japan. » Annual “Lucky Bags” Coming To Japanese Apple Stores On January 2

Nov 15

9to5Mac reports that Apple Retail Stores are taking delivery of new fourth-generation iPad models with LTE cellular, but they have not begun sales of them yet. “Apple has begun stocking its U.S.-based retail stores with LTE versions of the fourth-generation iPad. The product is not on sale yet, but they could go on sale at anytime. Stores have been instructed to wait until word from corporate comes through to begin sales.» Fourth-Generation iPad Models With LTE Cellular Now Arriving At Apple Retail Stores

Mar 16

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have been waiting in line today. All for the new iPad. Estimates show Apple will most likely sell more than a million iPads today. Seth Weintraub, form 9to5mac, posted a couple of videos today, showing the people waiting in line for the new iPad. Are you going to buy the new iPad?

» The new iPad has launched!!!

May 25

It looks like the iPhone 3G is running out of stock. The supplies of the 8 GB iPhone 3G are running low, in the Italian and Australian Apple Store the “contract-free” iPhone 3G ‘8GB’ is already saying ‘Currently Unavailable’. Other countries like United Kingdom and The Netherlands also got difficulties delivering the iPhone 3G. Also AT&T in the VS isn’t getting any new iPhone 3G 8GB models.

Boy Genius Report : We’ve heard that Apple has stopped shipping iPhone 3G 8GB units to AT&T stores and orders are not being placed for the device. Could this mean we might see the iPhone 3GS drop to $99 and make way for a new model? » iPhone 3G Running Out Of Stock

Jul 11

Apple has put a web-page online where you can quickly check the iPhone 3G availability in your area. The site is down for the moment but it will be back up when the stores will open in the US. Check the link after the break.
» Check the iPhone 3G availability in your local Stores