Oct 10
Adobe just released the official photoshop iPhone app. The app is free and it accompanies the online version of the tool.
Oct 09

A funny MythBusters spin-off shows that it’s very difficult to get Flash on the iPhone, but in the end the myth is hacked. » No Flash On The iPhone Is A Myth!

Oct 06

iPhone_flashYesterday, Adobe announced that Flash support will become available on a lot of mobile phones. Adobe is going to collaborate with RIM, Nokia, Microsoft, Palm and Google. The new Flash Player 10.1 is going to run on most of the mobile phones made by these companies. » No Flash For iPhone

Jun 24

If you want to design apps for the iPhone you need to be able to program in Objective-C. But it can also be done differently.

Now its time to learn how to design your iPhone app with Adobe Fireworks thanks to the guys at building 43

Robert Scoble interviews Luke Kilpatrick not only runs Fire On The Bay, San Francisco’s Adobe Fireworks User Group, but he designs apps for a living. In this video interview Kilpatrick shows how you can get started without writing any code or doing anything too hard. » Design Apps With Adobe Fireworks

Sep 30

One of the much needed and wanted additions to the iPhone currently is the implementation of Adobe Flash Player in MobileSafari. There has been many speculations of how this will be done or if it will even make it to the iPhone. Well, reportedly, Adobe Systems’ Sr. Director of Engineering, Paul Betlem, has confirmed that Flash is indeed coming to the iPhone, but “Apple calls the shots as to when it’ll be available.” » Flash on iPhone: Adobe confirms it, Apple decides when

Jun 17

MacNN is reporting that a iPhone version of Adobe’s Flash plug-in is still into development. CEO Shantanu Narayen has responded to the question if Flash will be ready for the soon to be released iPhone 3G. He did this in the earnings call for Adobe’s second financial quarter. Untill now Apple has alwasys refused to allow flash coming to the iPhone dus to too high battery demands.
» iPhone Flash in early development ?

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