Mar 08

Adobe launched a new tool to convert Flash files into HTML 5. This is because Apple doesnt support flash on iDevices because flash uses to much battery life and can crash your iPhone. Wallaby “which is the name of the tool, which is still in beta” makes it possible to make your flash content compatible with the iPhone, iPod or iPad. » Convert Adobe Flash FLA Files Into HTML & Reach More Devices

Nov 07

Photoshop for iPhone
Kevin Lynch, the boss of the Acrobat product group, said Adobe is working on a new version of Photoshop for the iDevice. They try to create a better integration between Photoshop and the iPad/iPhone. This will include more complex features such as cut/paste, changing backgrounds and who knows what Adobe has in store for us. » New Photoshop For iPhone With More Complex Features

Aug 15

photoshop-express 1.3.1For all the designers and Photoshop fans out there, Adobe did it! They fixed all the problems version 1.3 of Adobe Photoshop Express caused, luckily that didn’t take very long. Its safe again to update Adobe Photoshop Express on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can download Adobe Photoshop Express in the App Store for free. » Adobe Photoshop Express Version 1.3.1, Will Fix The Bugs Of Version 1.3!

Aug 14

photoshop expressYesterday I told you about the new update for the iPhone Photoshop app, which they now call Adobe Photoshop Express. Now I need to warn you about the fact that this update “version 1.3” is actually an update you better avoid. The ratings of the app has dropped dramatically and people are complaining a lot. Some people say it just crashes all the time, some said Adobe Photoshop Express is actually loading an other application and some people say the Photoshop app disappeared from their home screen after the update. » Adobe Photoshop Express Version 1.3, Avoid It!

May 28

StevepjobsWe are all use to the short, strait to the point, sometimes angry looking email responses by Steve Jobs. But his last email response “about Adobe” actually shows a more gentler side of Steve. Josh Cheney has send a email to Steve containing the following:

“Do you hate Adobe and their products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or do you just hate their view on Flash?”

Steve replied unusual kind:

“I respect and admire Adobe. We just chose to not have Flash on our devices.”

So guys, Steve doesn’t hate Adobe! » Steve Shows His Gentler Side In A Mail About Adobe

May 04

adobe-flashWe all know by now Apple is not allowing flash on the iPhone, HTML-5 is the future Steve Jobs said. Because of this, Adobe will concentrate on the Google Androids and will demonstrate a version of Flash for Google’s Android software in May at the Google I/O conference.

As a message to Apple they give away Android phones running Flash to employees. Face it guys, there will never be “built in” Flash on the iPhone. » Free Android Phone For Adobe Employees

Jan 21

adobe acrobatAdobe just released Acrobat for the iPhone. It is created for people with an account to give users a way to share and view documents, fax documents and take photos of documents in one easy to use app. » Acrobat: Free Application

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