Oct 24

Apple today announced the fourth generation iPad. The iPad 4 comes with a A6X chip “that delivers up to twice the CPU performance and up to twice the graphics performance of the A5X chip“, a FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance and support for additional LTE carriers worldwide with 10 hours of battery life. It also supports the Lightning connector that is smaller and more durable than the 30-pin connector. It is basicly an iPad 3 on steroids. » Apple Announces iPad 4 With Lightning Connector And New A6X Chip

Feb 20

iPad 3 A5X Chip
Anew photo has surfaced on the WeiPhone forums showing a A5X-chip nestled onto a prototype logic board. The chip also includes a date code of “1146”, which would peg production at or around November 14th-20th of 2011. If this rumor is true the iPad 3 will not get an A6 Chip, instead it will get an upgraded A5 Chip. » Prototype iPad 3 Shows Apple A5X Chip [rumor]

Jan 07

9to5mac reported that they found proof in iOS 5.1 Beta versions of upcoming Quad-Core Chips. “The references to quad-core iPhone and iPad chips come by way of a hidden panel that describes cores that are supported by iOS device hardware. The updated core management software includes an option of “/cores/core.3″, and this represents a fourth available processing coreā€¦” » iOS 5.1 Beta Reveals Evidence Of Quad-Core Chips