May 12

A new article popped up today.

David Manners (Electronic Weekly’s ) writes about a meeting he had with Luigi Licciardi, the executive vice president for technology and operations at Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM).

Licciardi confirms what everyone essentially knows: that TIM will be delivering a 3G version of the iPhone to Italy. Licciardi, however, actually gives us a solid timeframe for the launch:

“We will be selling an iPhone with 3G capability next month”, Luigi Licciardi, executive vice president for technology and operations at TIM told me yesterday evening on a bus taking us out into the desert for dinner following the first day of the International Electronics Forum 2008 in Dubai.

“Next month” conveniently coincides with Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which takes place from June 9th to June 13th in San Francisco, CA.

May 12

In April, published a rumor that Apple would be launching the 3G iPhone earlier than expected… in May. At the time, we dismissed it, as the rumor didn’t seem to correspond with the circulating expectations that the new iPhone would be launched in June at WWDC. Apple’s dwindling stock of iPhones in both the U.S. and U.K. however, has made us look at this rumor once again.

As mentioned, SwitchToaMac’s source claimed that the 3G-capable iPhone would be announced in May, with the belief that it would be available for purchase the day after the announcement.
» 3G phone in May?

May 11

A new screenshot poped up from the beta5 firmware version.
It appears to have a Enable 3G slider.
Official word is:
Note that this is not fake, it is in the beta 5 .ipsw, but will normally not show up on an EDGE iPhone. Turning 3G on will just crash the phone if you use an EDGE phone. If you do not believe me, then decrypt the beta5 rootfs dmg, and see for yourself in /Applications/

May 09

It’s time for a new poll.Â

I asked you if you would upgrade to the new 3G iPhone when it’s released.Â

Most of  you will actually upgrade. See the stats here.

[poll id=”3″]

 » New Poll.. would you like me to post video’s of the games/apps in action?

May 08

O2 has put up a banner that they’re no longer offering the 8gb and 16gb iPhones.
It’s hard to imagine both companies are going to just stop selling such a high profile device for too long, but clearly we’re all still in the dark as to when its 3G replacement will officially be out.
via engadget

May 07

Macrumors is reporting that another pictures of the so called 3G iphone has surfaced.
Again there’s no confirmation, and there likely will be no confirmation until june..
But i don’t want to withhold this from you guys.
» Another 3G iphone picture?

May 06

Engadget supposedly has some leaked pictures of the White iPhone 3G.
It looks very much like the previous leaked pictures of the iPhone dimensions(check previous post here).

Yet again i have to say that this new design does not appeal me at all.

I still prefer the first gen iPhone the most. But are these real? We shall know in the beginning of june :)
» Leaked iPhone 3G pictures PT II ?

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