May 20

Gizmodo confirmed that the 3G iPhone will be announced on the Keynote of Steve Jobs.

According to there sources the 3G iPhone will be available immediatly after the launch and not at year’s end and this worldwide !

In Spain the 3G iPhone will be launched at june 18 with a grand opening of Telefonica’s megastore.
» Breaking news !! Gizmodo got confirmation of the 3G iPhone launch

May 19

If you haven’t heared it already today, some new pictures popped up of the iPhone 3G.
This time it are renderings from Exo the iPhone case maker.
The renderings show us the iPhone looking the same except for the fact that it has been rounded!
To me this makes perfect sense. If the iPhone 3G will support all those new nifty features like 3G, GPS, bigger memory and who knows what else, the casing has to be bigger, and that’s exactly what these pics proof.
» 3G iPhone looks almost the same?

May 19

NYTimes’ Technology blog reports that Apple is currently in active negotiations with music labels about providing more mobile music content on their iTunes store.

One executive quoted specifically states that “[Apple wants] a big launch in June”, presumably referring to the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled to start on June 9th 2008. However, since negotiations only started a few weeks ago, the deals may not be in place in time for a WWDC announcement.
Apple reportedly wants to expand its Ringtone library and introduce the sale of “Answer Tones”. Answer Tones are customized sounds played to callers instead of the traditional ringing sound.

Another area of negotiation is the distribution of iTunes songs over the cellular network. For now, the iPhone allows you to purchase iTunes music only over Wi-fi networks. This had been thought to be a limitation of the slower EDGE data network, but it appears this mobile music distribution must be specifically negotiated with the record labels.
» Apple in Mobile Music Negotiations… for WWDC?

May 16

Breaking News:
France telecom announced that they will be bringing the iPhone to Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,
Switzerland and Orange’s African markets later this year.
So i’m getting the 3G finally official in my own country :)

The official press release can be read here.

May 14

I’m a little bit late with this news, but the’re still some up for grabs.
If you like to buy a cheap iPhone (and you live in the US) now is a very good time to buy one.
» AT&T Refurbished iPhones For $249 and $349

May 14

The CEO of Intel Germany Hannes Schwaderer announced that there will be 2 new iphones on WWDC, one with a bigger screen and one with 3G.

During the celebration of Intels 40th aniversary in Germany the local CEO talked about the new iPhones:

The new iPhone will use the newest Intel Atom chip and will be a little bigger then the current model.
» Steve Jobs is going to show 2 new iPhones ?

May 13

According to a unconfirmed source on the forums of Swisscom.

The iphone 3G will be released in 3 Colors (White, Black and silver) and will only be available on the 32GB model.

» iPhone 3G in 3 colors and 32GB ?

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