May 26

3 new pictures have surfaced on the net off the iPhone 3g.
They show us the new iPhone in 3 colors (white, red and black). A thinner chassis, 2 camera’s (one in front and one in the back (enhanced cam)).
To me these are fake ones again, they do look nice, but i’m missing some of the apple look, but then again we never know for sure until Apple will release them :)
» New iPhone 3g pictures !

May 23

Some of you might have read the article from Jonathan Zdziarski where he states that all your personal data is still on the iPhone after you have restored to a new firmware.

For the people who haven’t read it i’ll quickly explain.
When you restore your iPhone through iTunes, all it does is a quick format.

This means that all your data is still on the iPhone although no longer in the partition table.
If you use Jonathan’s iPhone Forensics Toolkit, it’s not that hard to get all the data back in the open.
This means that all your pictures, e-mails, cookies, etc,etc are visible to the next person who is going to own your iPhone !
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May 22

What happened today in New York??

Can you belive it? There’s already a line of 60 people waiting in line at the biggest ’24h open’ Applestore in New York City.

Most of the people don’t even know why they are waiting. Maybee it’s for the 3G iPhone or is it for a iMac?
If it’s for a 3G phone, then they will have to be there for quite some time. The earliest we can expect the iPhone 3g to be available in stores is 10 June… But that’s not even announced.
» 3G finally there? no but some people think it is ..

May 22

I we believe our friends from AppleInsider the new iPhone will have built in GPS.

The reason why they know that it by new screen shots that have appeared. In these screen shots, the map’s application and the Camera ask the user for permission to add the Geobased tagging.

Geobased tagging is the process of adding location information to your pictures.

These new screenshots are supposedly from the new firmware 5A292g that has been released to some enterprise partners.
» iPhone 3G includes GPS (confirmed ? )

May 21

If you like to buy a cheap iPhone (and you live in the US) now is a very good time to buy one.
AT&T has some more refurbished iPhones available !!

Be quick as the supply’s won’t last long.
» AT&T refurbished iPhones

May 21

A new day a new iPhone 3G rumor.
Today Fortune is informing us that the 3G iPhone will simulatiniously be released in Korea and Japan.

Apple is suposadly in talks with NTT Docomo for Japan and Telecom Freetel for Korea.

May 21

A new company has started to offer gold iPhones.
ICandyPhones doesn’t have a shop yet so there selling there 24kt gold iphones on ebay.

At the time of writing the 34kt iPhone had a hefty price tag of more than 5500$.

I wonder, if anyone of you would pay that much for a first gen iPhone, knowing that the 3G iPhone is just weeks away?
» Gold iPhone anyone ?

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