Mar 23

The iPhone is a great device, however, it can be improved. Like the vibrate function is really short.

I will explain how you can make it last +- 5 seconds.

Here we go.

» Make your iPhone vibrate longer

Mar 23

We all know it’s possible to watch the youtube video’s on your ipod via wi-fi or your edge connection.

But what little of us also know is that it’s perfectly possible to watch full google video documentaries and other movies on your iPod/Phone.

I will explain this procedure with screenshots.

» Watching Google Video on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Mar 23

Everybody loves watching youtube movies.
From music clips to jackass to Jeff Dunhamm.
All you ever need for entertainment is there.
What if you could save those video’s on your iPhone or iPod Touch for later viewing?
Well NOW it’s possible!
You can download the movies from youtube with MxTube.Let me explain you how to do this.

» Saving Youtube video’s with MxTube

Mar 23

I just ran into this site, and had to share it with youpoolga.JPG guys.

So what’s so special about another iPhone/iPod Touch background site?
Let me explain.
» Exclusive Wallpapers?

Mar 22

Everybody knows by now that ringtons for the iPhone are a problem.Standard you’re not possible to use your purchased music as a ringtone without paying an extra fee in iTunes.
Luckily Eric Degrange created Ringtones to solve this problem.
I will show you exactly how you can use this nifty program to use your custom ringtones.

» Custom Ringtones

Mar 22

When browsing the web from your iPhone or iPod Touch, we all have noticed the very handy .com button that Apple? has? implemented into the keyboard.? But what about international domains like .fr .nl etc .Well ? Apple has thought about this too. Let me explain how to activate this nifty feature. » Add International Domain Extensions to .com Key

Mar 21

iPhone hacker Niacin has just released his version of iBooter.
Running on Mac, Windows and Linux, iBooter offers an interactive diagnostic and customization tool that talks directly with Apple’s iPhone bootloader.
With it you can set environmental variables, write a custom picture to the display (faboo if you’re tired of that USB plug and the iTunes logo), run USB commands and diagnose why, for example, your iPhone isn’t booting correctly.

» iBooter offers iPhone diagnostics

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