Jun 18

Fring has decided to release the FringAPI for the iPhone. The FringApi will allow any developer with some experience in PHP, JSP, ASPX and other server side languages to create their every own Fring Applications. These iPhone applications will bring users a richer experience and potentially a unlimited selection of mobile games.

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May 30

I received the following mail today and decided to share it with you. As you probably know, we have designed a fring pre –release version for the iPhone which we made available for the guys to play with around mid April. Also, while not originally designed for, by now we have huge number of iPodtouch […]

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May 07

The guys from Fring just dropped me some news. They have updated Fring to version 0.9785 and it resolves the famous SMS deletion problem. Official post : The new version includes the following fixes: 1. Issues resulting in deleted SMS (additional QA work on our side still in progress) 2. mVoIP calls on 1.1.2 are […]

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May 05

Some websites are now reporting that Fring(versie pre-release v0.978) is causing serious issues with your sms messages. If you are using Fring and at the same time that you receive a sms message, there’s a high possibility that your full sms database will be erased. The developer has been informed of the bug and we […]

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Apr 15

This just got in. There’s a new app released, it’s called Fring, and it let’s you use Skype, Sip, msn, twitter and icq over your wi-fi or EDGE connection. (no calls on edge . . yet ) Now this is a truly killer app!! It’s a little buggy sometimes, but it’s ok. I’ve tested the […]

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Mar 28

Shanghai Daily reports that Apple is facing a lawsuit in China over Siri, with Shanghai Zhi Zhen Internet Technology Co Ltd claiming that Siri infringes upon its patent rights. The Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court will hold a pre-hearing at 2pm today to let Apple and Shanghai Zhi Zhen Internet Technology Co Ltd exchange evidence. […]

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Nov 13

In a series of events in a UK court between Apple and Samsung, Apple was ordered to publish a notice acknowledging that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices had not infringed Apple’s iPad design. Now the same court has ruled that Apple must pay all of Samsung’s legal fees because Apple’s behavior in the matter had been […]

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