I located all the firmware versions that Apple released for the iPhone.

I”ll put them all here so when you ever need to restore to a previous version, you can download the firmware here.

iPhone 2G

iPhone Firmware version 1.0.0

iPhone Firmware version 1.0.1

iPhone Firmware version 1.0.2

iPhone Firmware version 1.1.1

iPhone Firmware version 1.1.2

iPhone Firmware version 1.1.3

iPhone Firmware version 1.1.4

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.0

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.0.1

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.0.2

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.1

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.2

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 2.2.1

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 3.0.0

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 3.0.1 (sms Hack Fix)

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 3.1.0

iPhone 2G Firmware Version 3.1.2

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.0

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.0.1

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.0.2

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.1

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.2

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 2.2.1

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 3.0.0

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 3.0.1 (sms Hack Fix)

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 3.1.0

iPhone 3G Firmware Version 3.1.2

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Firmware Version 5.0

iPhone 3GS Firmware Version 3.0.1 (sms Hack Fix)

iPhone 3GS Firmware Version 3.1.0

iPhone 3GS Firmware Version 3.1.2

iPhone 4 ( GSM )

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 5.0

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.3.3

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.3.2

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.3.1

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.3

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.2.1

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.1

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.0.2

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.0.1

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4

iPhone 4 ( Verizon / CDMA )

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 5.0

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.2.8

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.2.7

iPhone 4 Firmware iOS Version 4.2.6

For completeness here are the Ipod Touch firmwares:

Ipod Touch Firmware version 1.1.1

Ipod Touch Firmware version 1.1.2

Ipod Touch Firmware version 1.1.3

Ipod Touch Firmware version 1.1.4

iPod Touch 2G

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 2.2

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 2.2.1

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 4.2.1

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 4.1

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 4.0.2

iPod Touch 2G Firmware version 4.0

iPod Touch 3G

iPod touch 3G Firmware version 5.0

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.3.3

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.3.2

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.3.1

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.3

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.2.1

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.1

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.0.2

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 4.0

iPod Touch 3G Firmware version 3.1.2

iPod Touch 4G

iPod touch 4G Firmware version iOS 5.0

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.3.3

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.3.2

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.3.1

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.3

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.2.1

iPod Touch 4G Firmware version iOS 4.1


iPad Firmware version iOS 5

iPad Firmware version iOS 4.3.3

iPad Firmware version iOS 4.3.2

iPad Firmware version iOS 4.3.1

iPad Firmware version iOS 4.3

iPad Firmware version iOS 4.2.1

iPad Firmware version iOS 3.2.2

iPad Firmware version iOS 3.2.1

iPad Firmware version iOS 3.2

iPad 2 ( WiFi )

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 5.0

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.3

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.2

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.1

iPad 2 ( GSM )

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 5.0

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.3

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.2

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.1

iPad 2 ( CDMA )

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 5.0

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.3

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.2

iPad 2 Firmware version iOS 4.3.1


Apple TV second-generation iOS 4.4

AppleTV Firmware version iOS 4.2.2

AppleTV Firmware version iOS 4.3

AppleTV Firmware version iOS 4.2.1 build 8C154

AppleTV Firmware version iOS 4.2.1 build 8C150

AppleTV Firmware version iOS 4.1

Boot loaders

Bootloader version 4.6

Bootloader version 3.9

enjoy :)

Pwnage Tools

Mac PwnageTool

Mac QuickPwn

Windows QuickPwn

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  1. omar Says:

    wow! thanks for puttin this stuff up!

  2. willem Says:

    Awsome work man. Really good!!!!!!!!!

    Do u know when installer and cydia will be able to work on the new 2.0 firmware?

  3. MJApple Says:

    With a lot of kisses

  4. JuNiOr2030 Says:

    tnks, all this things really helpe, tnks …

  5. rajesh Says:

    I upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.0 and my phone just got locked. Can you help me out unlocking it.

    Thanks ton

  6. djb101 Says:

    I am downloading the 1.1.4 iphone firmware and the 7.6.2 itunes firmware. As I understand it, I can restore my iphone from the 2.0 firmware that I stupidly allowed Apple to install with the 1.1.4 firmware from this site. It’s also my understanding that I will have to also go back to itunes version 7.6.2 so that Apple doesn’t just reinstall 2.0 on my iphone again. If I have this wrong, would someone please let me know? Thanks.

  7. Raj_india Says:


    Very nice job… u put everything in one place….. very very helpful



  8. hmm Says:


  9. giray Says:

    I upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.0 and my phone just got locked. Can you help me?

  10. ben Says:

    I think you got the firmware 2.0 for iPhone 3G among your links … (it’s 225 MB, where the 2.0 for 2G is 221 MB). Maybe you wanna add a a comment to the link to clarify.

  11. Strawberry Says:

    Hi giray. I have the same problem as you.

    Can anyone help us out?

  12. giray Says:

    I upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.0 and my phone just got locked. I made it as update with itunes in the regular way. There is no crashdown. It s just locked. I wanna unlock it or downgrade back to 1.1.4. Downgrading doesnt works. I ve tried it with itunes…just getting errors. Can you help me?

  13. Tom Scott Says:

    Right, first of all what a mistake to upgrade to firmware 2.0 unless you’ve got a mac which can run pwned 2.0 and apparently unlock the baseband and jailbreak the iphone so the memory can be read/written to. First step is to scrap itunes 7.7 which is needed to install firmware 2.0 and install 7.5. Then you need to download another firmware other than 2.0, heres the link to a place where you can do that Ok Now you need to put your phone in DFU mode whilst connected to your computer and not restore mode, they are completely different however may appear similar. DFU mode is done by switching the iphone off as normal then holding the power and the home button together for 10 seconds. Then you need to release the power button. Your computer should tell you that your iphone is in DFU mode when connected via usb. Then navigate onto itunes 5.5 and hold shift and click restore, then navigate to your 1.1.4 or earlier firmware and voila!!! Now jailbreak it using ziphone or iliberty. Now you might have a problem with your signal. It will be one bar and prevent you from sending texts/phone calls/receiving. This is a seperate baseband issue. You need to downgrade it. I have yet to try this, but this is what the modem software is installed on. So google it, and find a program to downgrade it. This should work and fix issues to do with signal even after you have unlocked it using ziphone or iliberty. email me at if u need any help.

  14. reid Says:


    GREAT JOB you guys are great you should get reconized more but i wonder how soon will winpwn be out for 2.0. looking forward to it.

    ps to make this software do you guys use a program to make it or you reall sit down and write code.

  15. giray Says:

    hi-tried it like you said–getting dfu mode, but no success-i m getting error 1600-can t get 1.1.4 on my phone (it s 1.1.4 from this site)

  16. biko Says:

    you are the best man …. great work

  17. Dennis Says:


  18. Q-Dep Says:

    really appreciate all the work you did here! Thanks

  19. Maria Says:

    why cant i download bootloader. it does not find a program to open with. do i need to install additional program in order to open bootloader?

  20. Maro Says:

    u can only use it with winpwn to upgrade.

  21. jahlioness Says:

    hey the bootloader are not proper file. when i click on then after download, they open with WMP.

  22. KIZzz Says:

    help me plz.. my iphone got locked after updated 2.0, i following ur instruction but it still the same. what should i do? thx before

  23. maria Says:

    help!!!! i upgraded my 1.1.4 iphone to 2.0. i was able to downgrade back to 1.1.4, all applications work fine but i can NOT send/receive any text or calls. i know i have to downgrade baseband, i trried to goole it but im not sure if to trust the websites. can anyone tell me what to do to fix the iphone.

  24. TriXal0ne Says:

    For iTouch there’s also 2.0, and a free 1.15 :wink:

  25. Peter Says:

    I upgraded my 2G iPhone from 2.0 to 2.0.1 by mistake. is there any way to downgraded the firmware back to 2.0 (I use an unathorized carrier). Can anyone tell me where I could find a tutorial on how to do this? I think that I will also need to change the baseband, right?

  26. Dennis Says:

    bootloader 3.9 and 4.6 dont workkk do we need another program to open it with PLEASEEE HELPP

  27. U Says:

    where is the firmware 2.0.1?

  28. James Says:

    Is there a 2.0.1 firmware for the ipod touch

  29. Marwan Says:

    They are suppose to work with winpwn.. advanced tab….

  30. Marwan Says:



  31. GIO Says:

    im the pwnage tool to unlock my iphone but im not gettin the bootloader right , it ask for the 4.6 ,what can i do?

  32. gareth hay Says:

    i have a iphone with 2.0 on it it with no service on it now. any ideas? every time i try to downgrade firmware, i get error 1601

    please help
    thank you

  33. Multinova Says:

    Try using another version of iTunes. like 7.5

  34. Dejv94 Says:

    Hello, can I jailbreak the newest FW 2.0.2?? Thx and send answer to mail:) THX

  35. Jirka Says:


  36. MacTuT Says:

    Yeeaaaa :cool:

    I just pwned my 3G model with 2.0.2 firmware.
    Used Quickpwn on my “ePC”….just saw that pwnage Tool 2.0.3 can do 2.0.2 aswell

    I hope the dude further up got his 2.0 back to 1.1.4…if not…don’t give up man.
    It’s kinda complicated to get working, i had alot of tries before mine worked, but IT DOES WORK !!!

    You need to Google a bit and read some forums and stuff…..that’s what i did, and mine worked. i used my windoze PC with winpwn and iTunes 7.5 and ZiPhone to get it done.

  37. Marwan Says:

    download the boatloaders then browse for it using winpwn during the ipsw build*advanced tab*/……

    u can get it from the firmware page here

  38. SledgeHammer Says:

    The links for the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 iPhone firmware are switched…

  39. Dunner Says:

    hey man good work but everytime i go to restore mine using the new firmware itunes displays a message saying that error 20 has occured and it cannot restore. Wat can i do? cheers

  40. Saiyam Says:

    Hey multinova, can you please put up itunes 7.7.1 for the mac, I am looking all over the internet for it, I really need it. I dont want itunes 8. I found a torrent, but it is completely modified by someone

  41. Iffy Says:

    :razz: Thank you… web site very helpfull

  42. mukhtarbd Says:

    :razz: can you call me for help

  43. Steve Says:

    What about the 2.1 firmware for iPod Touch? I have a super slow internet connection and it keeps timing out when I attempt to download it from iTunes….

  44. kay Says:

    help! I’m trying to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1. I downloaded the pwnage tool 2.1 and the 2.1 firmware. I try to run pwnage tool but it keeps telling me that i need bootloader v3.9 I downloaded that and it keeps giving me an error msg. It keeps saying that it is not the right version. I need help. I also am trying to unlock another phone that I have and its not working. How do I know if my phone has been bricked?

  45. kay Says:

    oops I typed my email in wrong, So if anyone can help me plz email me at thanks….Kay

    P.S. reguarding the comment above

  46. kay Says:

    I need help….I am trying to unlock my iphone and I have the pwnage tool along with the 2.1 firmware. I tried to download the bootloader v3.9 but it keeps telling me that it appears to be the wrong one. I dont know what to do. HELP!

  47. Marwan Says:

    u need 3.9 and 4.1 bootloaders ;)

  48. kay Says:

    hey are the bootloaders above for mac or win? or does it matter? cuz I downloaded them and pwnage does not recognize them? i dunno….guess im confused

  49. day Says:

    i just bought a3g iphone but cant forward the message from my inbox can anyone help……….

  50. epul Says:

    i accidentally restore and updated my iphone from 1.1.4 to 2.1(the latest update from iphone) using itunes my phone is locked and stuff.i downloaded pwnage tool and all the firmware ( 2.0 ) but when i tried to restore back my iphone,it say error 1600. i tried firmware ( 2.1 ) using pwnage tool which doesn’t work during the process to find i need to downgrade my itunes to 7.6.2 in order to restore firmware 2.0 to my iphone thus unlocking it and all?
    please help me on this,really need my iphone to work….


  51. Melissa Says:

    I am having some trouble getting pwnage to continue after I submit for build. It tells me that the BL-39.bin that I am asking for it to use is not the correct one. However, every time I download it, that is what it gives me. Can anyone help me out on this?

  52. Luigi Says:

    As many others I cannot upgrade to 2.1 because bl39.bin and bl46.bin files are not found by pwnage-T. I have dowloaded these files from different sources but all looks damaged.
    Caould anyone help all us?

  53. Yoo Says:

    Thank you gusy for puting all this on the site than you very much :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  54. andrew Says:

    I am having some trouble i upgrade to 2.1 and used the pwnage21-1 i did everything i was suppose to got it to work with t-mobile sim card, but as soon i try to restore to my settings after it gets don iphone lock up and vibrates and cant get it work, i tried restoring firmware but it kips doing the same thing when try to restore to my old settings

  55. hiro Says:

    It seems that you don’t have to actually open the bin files. I just had them sitting on desktop and they appear to have done the job somehow. Phew… success my brick has come back as an updated iphone!

  56. Bert Says:

    Hey there =]
    Thanks for the awesome links, but i’m still having some problems.
    Firmware: Success!
    BootLoader: Success!
    Turn Off- On (DFU) method: Success!
    Restore: X
    I’m having problems here, everything is ok, the iPhone’s Screen says: Ready for Restore, so I log on iTunes, restore (takes like 15 mins) and then the iPhone blocks again =[.
    Any Solution would be my hero.

  57. Bharath Says:

    Recently i upgraded my iphone from 1.1.4 to 2.1 thru ITunes 8. After installation it got locked. Can someone help me in unlocking my iphone. Pl frnds.. Help

  58. Braden Says:

    Then don’t restore your old settings.

  59. Braden Says:

    Then use PwnageTool to find them manually. They’re not broken, Pwnage just isn’t finding them.

  60. Braden Says:

    You need to be on iTunes 8.1.1 to restore to any 2.0 firmware.

  61. Rich Says:

    Hi, I’m trying to use the Pwnage 2.1 tool on my Mac to hack my old iPhone for my god son but it keeps asking for the Bootloader v3.9. I’ve downloaded it several times from multiple sources but the Pwnage tool says it does not appear to be the correct file. Do I need to expand this file or not? Stuffit says it’s incomplete!

    Is there another source available for this file please? Any help would be very welcome. Thanks guys!


    Rich :mrgreen:

  62. jimbo Says:

    Hey can you upload a a FW that is unlocked and Jb. my mate gave me one and it saved a lot hassle. just an idea for people like me who cant get the Pwnage 2.1 tool working :>

  63. Ash Says:

    did u solve ur prob with the Iphone or not yet, am having the same, if u got the solution, pls refer it to me.

  64. Rony Debs Says:

    ho bro! i have a 1st gen iphone that i upgraded to 2.0.1 with winpwn, now i want to upgrade to firmware 2.1, is the a ready mafde custom 2.1 firmware that i can use via itunes? i mean i’ll press shit and restore the custom one without the hassle of quickpwn?

  65. arian goleh Says:

    :mrgreen: ok it looks like you guys have updated the new firmware for 3g but the new winpwn version 3.0 ‘s not out yet so how’re we gonna or can unlock the 3g,cause I don’t want to but one of those stupide gevey sims and stick it in to my sim card,I realy want to restore and unlock my 3g like the old ones.
    so do you have a way of unlocking the 3g ,and if the new winpwn 3.0 comes what bootloader do we have to boot the 3g


  66. chandan Says:

    I upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.0 and my phone just got locked. Can any one please help me out unlocking it.

  67. Abobs Says:

    Please I have being trying all the series of steps given in getting my iphone back to shape but I never know how to go about it because its always different when i get to a point. Take for instance:
    1) After I downloaded the iPhone Firmware version 1.1.4
    2) I tried to restore with iPhone Firmware version 1.1.4 as said but was giving me error(20)
    3) If i try to restore with the normal itune restore, it will be done with the message that Sim inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported.
    4) Then I tried to use with iLiberty+ it will show a progress but latter tell me to disconnect and connect phone back to the computer to reboot in recovery mode.
    5) After this is done, the iphone will remain in recovery mode and iLiberty is useless at this point.

    Please kindly help me out from this point, am not sure if iLiberty is iTune version selective.

  68. Hoe terug te gaan van 2.2 naar 2.1 ? Iphone 2G - iPhone Forum - alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G Says:

    [...] 2.2 heb. Hier een paar handige links: Veel links naar firmware en vorige versies van itunes Firmwares – Page – iPhoneFreakz Helaas staat itunes 8.0.1 er niet tussen, deze staat op; iTunes – Free software downloads and [...]

  69. ODavy Says:

    I need a copy of iTunes 8.0 but not 8.0.1

    Anyone direct me to a download site?

    Thanks for any info.

  70. Unlock 2.1 (WINDOWS) Quickpwn 2.1 ,2G iphone - Pagina 6 - iPhone Forum - alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G Says:

    [...] unlocken met quickpwn. (druk in Itunes op shift en dan herstel, kies dan je gedownloade 2.1 die hier te vinden is google is je beste [...]

  71. john Says:

    can you upgrade a jailbroken iphone with this firmwares.

  72. Upgrading iPhone to Firmware 2.2 | Prakash Advani's Blog Says:

    [...] Firmwares and Bootloader links [...]

  73. Friend Says:

    I just update my iPhone, 2G with no problem, if yours is 3G, then I can say.
    I update to the last firmware by iTune, then I closed iTune, and then run quickpwn22, u need BL-39 (bootloader) and BL-46, follow the instruction…and it will do the rest….u need to wait for long time, it might take more than an hour after quickpwn22… good luck

  74. Prabhat Kumar Says:


    i m unable to download Bootloader version 3.9 and 4.6 .. please some one can guide me …

  75. Adrian Says:

    hi, i have a question about the bootloaders, am i supposed to be able to open them up? Im not able too. Thank you

  76. alex Says:

    thanks alot for the bootloader!

  77. pablo Says:

    Hi…how do I solve the issue of the Bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6? I downloaded from many different sources and none work. Pwnage tool does no t recognize them! Thanks,…

  78. fahd Says:

    :twisted: thx for this great work

  79. seantc Says:

    yes having same trouble . . . on a MAC downloaded the BL_39.bin file but it does not expand using Stuffit – if i dont try and expand them and run Pwn it does not recognize them . . . how do i get the .bin files open snd/or get Pwn to recognize them??

  80. Lisa Says:

    click on the bootloader 3.9 and SAVE it to a file (desktop) and repeat with bootloader 4.6 then using Quick Pwn to unlock and jailbreak…should work fine

  81. benz boi Says:

    I upgraded my 3g 2.1 to 2.2 version but my iphone is now lock to itunes and asking for a valid sim card, I have itune 8.0, boot loader 3.9, 4.6, and firmware, IPSW 2.1, can I use quickpwn or pwnage, which would you recomend?

  82. sambhav Says:

    these all firmware are zip files from these which file is to be used to restore.

  83. Jailbreak + unlock question Says:

    [...] Plug into iTunes and hit the restore button and let it do it’s thing. Next run quickpwn 2.2 to jailbreak and unlock. Bootloader files can be downloaded here Firmwares – Page – iPhoneFreakz [...]

  84. mody Says:

    :shock: is veery naic thes weab

  85. henry Says:

    :???: how do i open bootloaders with quickpwn? everytime i click open it says it needs something to open it with

  86. henry Says:

    :???: how do i open bootloaders with quickpwn? everytime i click open it says it needs something to open it with :cry:

  87. Skipper Says:

    Worked PERFECT. tryed some other programs on the web, had to reboot over and over again.
    upgraded from first model – 1.1.4, on PC XP to 2.2, no luck on my mac computer.

  88. atif Says:

    3giphone is one the best and cheap iphone in case of latest technology and look like free iphone.

  89. ar-jay Says:

    hi…can u help me unlock my iphone 2.2.1 firmware…co’z i can’t use yellosn0w…:(..and i don’t know how to downgrade it…can you help me pls…thnx….

  90. mix Says:

    in itunes press shift then restore

  91. ar-jay Says:

    it’s not working…it’s failed when i try to use the 2.2 firmware to downgrade my iphone…plsss teach me how to downgrade it…send me some video pls…thnx…..

  92. Multinova Says:

    Sorr to say but once you have upgraded your iPhone 3G to the 2.2.1 there’s no way to downgrade back.
    If you have a iPhone 2G. You don’t need to downgrade. Just use QuickPwn for 2.2.1 (it’s above this post) and select the unlock.



  93. ar-jay Says:

    ok….thnx…:(….can’t unlock now my iphone… :cry:

  94. Tim Says:

    Hi, are the firmwares intended only for jailbroken devices or would they be the same as if i downloaded them through i tunes?
    I have not jailbroken my ipod touch and actually dont want to. But when trying to update to 2.2.1 it bricked. i have started it in dfu mode and am downloading 2.2 from above.
    can someone confirm im doing the right thing?


  95. Tim Says:

    sweet! worked perfectly!

  96. ar-jay Says:

    stil no update for 2.2.1 firmware to unlock?…….tell me plssss…
    thnx…..happy valentines all..

  97. sumit Says:

    hi i m not regestered to app store i cant get many things like theams , games can u help me out

  98. Jomoney Says:

    Yow! Dude you’re the best!

  99. SkYeR Says:

    when i m executing the quickpwn i have that mistake (OxcOOOO135) Same Thing For anny other version of quickpwn !! i need your Help please should i have anny other progrme b-4 using quickPwn ?! please help :(

  100. iPhone Firmware and Bootloaders « Progressive Enlightenment Says:

    [...] [...]

  101. abdulrazak Says:

    thank oh my gad good web for helb gad blas you

  102. abdulrazak Says:

    thank you free matsh god helb

  103. obaid Says:

    i have iphone2g 8gb with firmware 2.2.1
    my iphone is having problem that sometimes the unlock to slide screen hangs then i have to restart my iphone. last night i restored my iphone again and installed the same version with unlocking. now the problem is stil there. could any1 tell me whats the solution?

  104. lkamel Says:

    i instal last version 3.0 but not worked i want to back to version 2.2.1 and my iphone is 2G cant u help me

  105. Alex Says:

    Hey i used winpwn and it seemed to be working but now it freezes on the startup screen with the picture i chose. is there anyway to restore it as i cant seem to get it into dfu mode.or restore mode.. Can anyobne help me

  106. Laura Says:

    I ul and jb my 1g 8gb and it worked fine but when I tried to ul and jb my 2g 16 gb it says no service with both t mobile or att sim card. i restored in itunes and tried again with no luck can anyone help?

  107. Anand Says:

    It worked excellent…I am very thankfull to iPhone Dev Team.

  108. Mark Says:

    i restored backup from iTunes then i lost my wifi… wifi address not available… can anybody help please…

  109. pmd kings Says:

    just down load winpwn n unlock even quickpwn will work

  110. iphone2 Says:

    hi, i just want to know, what do i need to do after having these update on my iphone 2g. i had the version1.1.4
    1. i backed it up via itunes
    2. I update the latest version software 3.0
    3. after updating, my phone wants to reconnect to iTunes
    4. i Reconnect and asking to insert sim card, since i update this one without a sim card inserted.
    5. Problem exist in iTunes after inserting sim card: Sim card not supported
    What do i need to do about this? It cannot be activated without any valid sim card for this.
    Im using Globe Sim card carrier, but it doesnt work..please help :) thanks

  111. Ahsan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I can’t seem to find Bootloader 3.9 and Bootloader 4.6 anywhere. I have iphone 2G and i want to upgragde to 2.2.1. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  112. picchio Says:

    Hallo. Could you check the links to the bootloaders (3.9 and 4.6)? They seem not to work. Thank you

  113. omiwebdesignadmin Says:

    The links are working again. Good luck. :)

  114. federico Says:

    Hi all..

    Anybody known about the diferences of redsnOw and pwnage tool to do jail break and unlock iphone 2G?
    I would like to know to apply the best option…

    Thanks all..!!!

  115. Im Dum Says:

    Could you explain me the process of doing this step by step, i got iPhone 3g 2.2.1 version. Appreciate.

  116. Keeno Man Says:

    You guys should have a donation button for your work! Ace!

  117. chris Says:

    dude what u need to is go after u get the error and just jailbreak the phone. and it will work or u can. do these steps.
    1.go into dfu mode using percise seconds like u have to let off the button right at the very second. ok hold down the power and home for 15sec and let off power and keep holding home for 2 additional secs. then let off and wait for itunes.
    2.then ur done! or u should be able to at least jailbreak and the phone will work!

  118. matthew Says:

    Isn’t there a risk of bricking your iphone when you jailbreak

  119. diego Says:

    hey guys i have an iphone 2G 3.0 software everything was fine untill yesterday, i completely lost signal in my phone, and i dont know whta to do, is just not getting any signal from my carrier, i tried reseting network setting, reseting phone settings, i took out the sim card, i completely restore my iphone and nothing still not getting any signal, what can i do, do u guys got any clue?

    Thanks for your help!

  120. Fer Says:

    Same iPhone, same OS, same problem. Help Please!!!

  121. diego Says:

    i managed to fix the problem i tried everything and nothing, i even downgraded to 1.4, well i eneded up findidng the the problem was the sim card, so i went to my companys store and changed for a new one, i tried everything from updating my network setting to downgrade it, if those things doesnt fix it, maybe ur problem is the same as mine…. i hope this helps!

  122. Vincent Hary Says:


    I have already update my iphone frmware to 3.0.1 but it need the AT&T sim card to activate it, and I don’t have it, is there a way to unlock it/jail break it without the AT&T sim card?


  123. devil Says:

    u have to tak ur iphone in dfu mode
    . i hope u know the method

  124. devil Says:

    also download vlc player and then try it..

  125. devil Says:

    hey maria, the solution is tak ur iphone to dfu is the method.
    detect ur iphone in itunes..hold power n home button for 4 sec then u ll hear a beep then hold power button for 3 sec n then home button until it says iphone detected in DFU mode.then press shift+click on restore n then upload ur firmware file…its done

  126. dekky Says:

    i got the same problem….
    after i have go in recovery mode…. i still can not restore to my orginal firmware.2.2.1
    my iphone is 2G. i have restored it many times…
    and it say “The iphone “iphone could not be restored. An unknown erorr occurred (20). please help me…please…

  127. evans Says:

    best fireware

  128. Iphone 3.01 Hactivate Unlock and Jailbreak « Dj Dirty’s Blog Says:

    [...] Make a backup of your phone. 2.) Install firmware 3.0.1 3.) Download firmware 3.0 and bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 4.) Use redsn0w to patch firmware 3.0 (select [...]

  129. jr Says:

    i have an iphone 3g. the phone has a lock code on it and itunes will not detect it, say error in itunes. so im also not sure what firmware it is using. im stuck please help………….

  130. weestenosis Says:

    i have 3gs just today 9-27-09…. wanted to unlock and jailbreak it but i dont see anything.. please help me…\\

  131. Tutorial: 3.0 Jailbreak and Unlock for iPod Touch and iPhone! - iPod Touch Modding Says:

    [...] redsn0w. If you want to unlock your iPhone 1st generation, you need to download the bootloaders: iPhoneFreakz _ All The Latest And Greatest iPhone News Firmwares (scroll down to “iPhone 2G Firmware Version [...]

  132. Mike Says:

    I hacked my iphone but it wont let me put music what can I do?


    I need HELP . I restored my iphone and when i try to acces it though itunes it gives me this message : ” The sim card inserted in this phone does not appear t be supported ” . i don’t have the original sim card . i bought the phone second hand from a guy … Help pl0x?

  134. The Great Says:

    i got the same problem, if yu find out how plz tell me and if i find out how i’ll let yu know

  135. Rami Says:

    hi …

    i wold like to know if therre jailbreak for iphone 3gs ( locked to AT&T )

    note thet :- i have windows vista ..

    thanks ..

  136. 5 Things You Need To Know About Jailbreak or Unlock Your iPhone | SMP852 Says:

    [...] A list of iPhone and iPod Touch firmwares can be found in here [...]

  137. cl Says:

    thanks XD nice work here! XD i just needed it and then i searched bl 3.9 and 4.6 up and here it is! :) thanks so much ~ ««»»

  138. yakamotonikosaco Says:

    i downloading to try i have the iphone 2g

  139. 5 Things You Need To Know About Jailbreak or Unlock Your iPhone « Sexy Money Power 852 Says:

    [...] A list of iPhone and iPod Touch firmwares can be found in here [...]

  140. iFone Hack » Blog Archive » YOU NEED TO RESTORE YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD – Jailbreak or restore your phone for FREE Says:

    [...] [...]


    [...] [...]

  142. bawadi Says:

    i need boloth for my phone

  143. Ting Says:

    I have the first generation iphone still using 1.1.4 firmware, can i upgrade to 3.1.2 firmware without jail breaking?

  144. G Says:

    Make sure the files bootloader and all the ipsw are in the same folder as the app… then try again… !!

  145. prabhu Says:

    yes you can upgrade to 3.1.2 without any problems….

  146. MISSY Says:




  147. alexandertheprettygood Says:

    Cant open blackra1n.exe tried lotso ways all way say ERROR need 2 shut down ANY HELP

  148. phillip Says:

    my iphone is stuck in the downloading jailbreak data how long is it supposed to on the computer for its been 10 min already

  149. iphone girl that need a hero Says:

    hi i have a problam i got a 3g iphone off of craigs list it was a 3.1.2 but the guy wanted to clean the phone out be for i buy it then he did some thing and it went in to recovery mode and then he sad to restore he told me to restore it but i dident have the 3.1.2 update saved in my laptop so i had to restore it with 3.1.3 for the iphone to work so i tryed to downgread it back to 3.1.2 but after a messags pops up 1015 i think it was it was still in recovery mode then i downloaded pawage and it work it was 3.1.2 but it was 05.12 so what can i do you think any one can help or do i have to wait for a unlock/jailbrake to come out and if there is one let me know cause as of right now it feels like i have a itouch lol

  150. Appleton Says:

    HOw to jailbreak 3GS 16GB with firmware 3.1.3??

  151. quetim Says:

    There is all the needed info.

  152. mandy Says:

    I reset my iphone but do not have an active sim. How can I restart my phone. itunes won’t let me restore since I don’t have active sim.

  153. king Says:

    hey guys just want to ask is there any soloution to unlock the 3gs with the firmware 4.0?
    If yeah wich program?
    Because u cant jailbrake it :(

  154. SMJH Says:

    I have tried the same but while mssg on my PC (Please what while your device jailbroken) and below (Done) but nothing happening on status bars on PC. On my iphone its appears Downloading Jailbreak Data….

    Any one can please help what should I do now, I am waiting since an hour to response from my iphone. That was my second try. In my first attempt, finally iphone goes to itune connect plug icon.

    Please advise what to do? Also how could I check whats my firmware version of iphone and itune??

    Please help

    BR @ SMJH

  155. akwong868 Says:

    Hi guys.
    I got a 3gs with bootloader 6.4 but I wanted to downgrade it to 4.6.
    I like to ask how to do that. I heard some people mentioning pwnage, but I never used that b/c I use a PC. I used Limera1n to jailbreak. Please help!

  156. MohamedRafi Says:

    Thanks Dude

  157. Madhav Timilsina Says:

    can anybody give me a link for 3.0 firmware for iphone 1G and how to jailbreak it?

  158. faisal Says:

    Thank you man . a huge thanks :) I was looking for the lootloaders .
    much appreciated

  159. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for this!
    I also found this site:
    That has all the iPhone 3GS Firmware

  160. robert Says:

    This device is not eligible for the requested build
    error 3194
    can i resolve this

  161. dingenenzo Says:

    Great! Thanks!

  162. MyKenzee Says:

    So everytime i try to use Iphone 4- 5.0 it tells me it’s not compatable..
    what do i do

  163. noeladna19 Says:

    Oh yeah,, very nice… thanks dude,…..

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