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  1. Rizan Says:

    hey dude plz help me man….cuz my iphone jus 2weeks since i bought it aftr i upgrade to v2.0 i witot knowing played with bootneuter i changed the version to 4.6 and now my phone is stuck on the apple logo….i cant find a way to fix it…though i installed older version of firmware plz help me man it wil b so helpful..plz email me as soon as possible ok..thankx hope u wil help.

  2. zesh Says:

    Iv just bought an iphone 3g and I dont like the turbo sim so i really want to unlock it and activate it to work on my o2. can anyone help me please!!!

  3. Jon Says:

    there is not currently any solution for unlocking the iphone 3G unless you want to stick some chunk of metal against it to unlock it.. but as the dev team said they wouldnt suggest it becuase it messes with your phone.

    just keep your eyes on the dev-teams blog for an unlock but i wouldnt except it too soon.. we will update the site to let everyone know when it is out.

  4. Jon Says:

    well i talked to braden (i know nothing about this kinda stuff) and he said that you should just be able to select 3.9 and flash and youll be good.

  5. power Says:

    mmmm… i need iphone 3g cant open..huhuh…after i jail break it. i restore my iphne after that no more…cant open my iphone 3g its just restarting over and over again need help..please

  6. dave Says:

    I recently had to get a new iPhone and i cant find the PdaNet app on cydia any longer. Is there a source that i need to add or has the app been removed?

  7. Saki Says:

    Hi guys.Do you know of any issue about firmware 2.2.1 bricking previously unlocked phones when they update the firmware?I have an unlocked 1.1.4 by Ziphone and decide to upgrade to 2.2.1 and cannot jailbreak it.thnx

  8. prince Says:

    hey can yo help me?
    i downloaded moblie safari pulgin but i still can’t download files to my iphone…it just says can’t start saving file..what should i do ?

  9. abc Says:

    bootloader files 3.9BL, 4.6BL not working

  10. usher Says:


    i need to download bootloader files for iphone 2g 3.0, but one of the links is not just not working! Need them urgently!


  11. dragos Says:

    I use your site as main news source for iPhone. For a while I see you don’t have a tag and your site is not well indexed on google. You might need to change this in order to rank better.

  12. Hijris Says:


    i have a jail broken iphone 3gs bye cidya, i downloaded an app theme(battery) on my iphone 3gs, suddenly my i phone froze at the apple logo, i tried to hold the two buttons together but nothing works,

    plz plz plz try to help me

    thank you

  13. joey Says:

    i can’t download dtunes on my iphone it says note; the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed please help me

  14. Sanjay Says:

    Please let me know how do I delete Panda Daemon Icon from my phone, the iPhone PC Suite application has generated ??? Please let me know …Thanks

  15. Rafał Kwaśny Says:

    We have video trailers for our first, just released new iPhone title:

    “Revenge of the Mad John” is old school type fighting game for iPhone
    and iPod Touch.
    – Over 40 realistic characters to fight with
    – Beautiful realistic locations
    – Old school addictive gameplay
    – Revolutionary control
    – Fun !

    I’d be glad to hear if you will publish it in your news section. Also,
    let me know if you’d be interested in reviewing our title.
    Best Regards,

    Rafal Kwasny

  16. BOXHEAD Says:

    Tomorrow, the undead will rise on the iPhone with BOXHEAD: THE ZOMBIE WARS LIGHT – Launch Just for Halloween!

    Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Light is FREE and exclusively in the iPhone App Store. One of the web’s most popular flash games with 15 million players and more than 250 million downloads to date, Boxhead now comes to your iPhone with new weapons and features to blast box-headed zombies into oblivion.

    One of the web’s most popular flash games with 15 million players and more than 250 million downloads to date, Boxhead now comes to your iPhone with new weapons and features to blast box-headed zombies into oblivion.

    Check out ZOMBIE WARS trailer at:

    Let me know if I can send you some screen grabs and additional details!


  17. Kate Gladstone Says:

    I wonder if you’d like to review the iPhone app Better Letters (a high-powered “personal handwriting trainer” for MDs and others) at

  18. shizzle512 Says:

    I recently jailbroke my iphone and i downloaded some movies from the myCinema app in cydia and i was wondering how can i transfer those movies to my computer or just be able to watch them on my tv, please help me, ive been researching for days and i cant find anything. Thanks Shizzle512

  19. chris Says:

    I advice you use something like “iPhone browser” or “iPhone Folders” this allows you to browse contents of your iPhone like a regular removable drive. Good Luck,

  20. Simon Bates Says:

    Please consider the following app for review on the iphonefreakz web site:

    App name: Doc²

    Doc² is a Microsoft Word compatible word processor for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which has just been released on the app store. It provides formatted text editing, including character and paragraph formatting, undo/redo and auto-correction/auto-completion. It also includes the ability to insert images and tables (something neither Docs to go, nor QuickOffice provides). Doc² also integrates tightly with Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk, providing users with ubiquitous access to their documents over a 3G network.

    Author name: Byte Squared Ltd
    Contact: Simon Bates
    Itunes app store URL:

  21. chris Says:

    Created a post about it today, good luck with your business. If you or someone else has an application that you would like to see on you can always ask me.

  22. jolynne Says:

    How do I download files onto my iPhone. I have already done a jailbreak – Just need to know the next step in terms I can understand.

  23. chris Says:

    You can use something like CopyTrans for you movies and music. Or “iPhone browser” “iPhone Folders” for your other files.

  24. Neil Says:

    Hey Joey I suddenly got the same problem with my iPod touch as you, so did u find a solution please help me and reply by messaging me on my email!

  25. IQ Test Advanced Says:

    Max Voloshin, developer of iPhone applications, has updated his IQ Test Advanced with in-app purchase of answers. You may download correct answers to the IQ Test questions after completing the test.
    The app is now available on the App Store for $0.99. Users may additionally download the answers to the test for $0.99 through in-app purchase procedure.
    App Store Link:
    YouTube Link:
    Contact: Contact: Roman Lyandres,, +7 915 187 8205

  26. Ineke Says:

    Hi, today I upgrade my iphone 3G with latest software 4…..
    but restore process didn’t finish, and it appears error no 402653180, 402653173, etc etc, when I tried again, same thing happen again
    all pictures and songs were disappear
    and now my iphone can’t be detected on itunes
    i can’t sync my iphone to itunes
    please help me…
    thanks before

  27. Ralf Says:

    New iPhone/iPod Touch App Helps Cooks Manage Their Own Recipes and Create Dinner Menus

    Chef’s Recipes is a new App for iPhone and iPod touch that helps you to manage your own recipes. It has a tool to create menus for dinners and other occasions and it comes with a wide range of international gourmet food recipes, most are fish and seafood recipes.

    With Chef’s Recipes you can:

    – Add and edit recipes directly on your iPhone

    – Access all your favorite recipes. No internet connection needed

    – Create a menu and invite friends

    – Create shopping lists

    – Customise the shopping list

    – Share recipes with friends via email and Facebook

    Chef’s Recipes has a simple and elegant interface. You easily can add your own categories, enter and edit recipes. Your recipes stay with you on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can take them with you everywhere, and share through Email and Facebook.

    You want to organise a dinner party? Simply name the occasion and select as many recipes as you like. Change the order of the recipes and add the matching wines. Then send the invitation email to your friends or to your computer.

    With a simple touch you can send the ingredients of a recipe to your favorites list or to Chef’s Recipes shopping list. Customize the shopping list, use it to shop, or email to yourself or someone else.

    The new iPhone/iPad touch App already comes with a wide range of healthy international gourmet food recipes, most of them are fish/seafood and Asian influenced recipes, like Seared Tuna Salad with Capers and Fennel, or Soft Shell Crab with Pomelo Salad. New recipes are continually being added.

    For more information, please visit

    Chef’s Recipes for iPhone and iPod Touch is available from Apple’s App Store at

  28. Paul.. Says:

    Hi – just a quick update to let you know that our latest game – Flingy – has been approved and released on the App Store. Many thanks for everyone’s support!

  29. Paul.. Says:

    Little bit more .. v1.1 of Flingy now released :-)

  30. Paul.. Says:

    continuing our plans for frequent updates .. version 1.2 of Flingy now up on the App Store :-)

  31. karthk Says:


    I have configured xmpp server and also have configured xmpp client in my iPhone app. I could connect with my xmpp server and also able to list online users. Now I want to implement chat between those users using xmpp only. How could i do that?. Can you help me? How to implement chat between users?

  32. joey Says:

    my text messages stop popping up on my lockscreen

  33. Trey Says:

    Hey i have a 3g last night i had to to turn it off . when i turned it back on it was giving me the connect to itunes thing. so i restored it. nothing still showing that. so then i did a restore in dfu mode still NOTHING. Any ideas?

  34. jim t Says:

    does anyone know what the zipped up smiley icon on your sbs toggle is for?

  35. Liana Says:

    I recently developed an app that was released in the app store and wanted to know your what you require to review it. Thank you

  36. Chris Eissens Says:

    You can always send a press release about your game to,
    If we think its good enough we write something about it, but remember, we get a lot of emails asking for a review or post, but we can not publish all.

  37. Rita Fedele Says:

    I have misplaced my instruction booklet and I need to know how to program my bluetooth to my phone. Help!

  38. mark hernandez Says:

    i accidentally downloaded dreamboard and winterboard and it wont let me get on cydia. can somebody help me??

  39. iPhone 5 Fan Says:

    Just ordered my iPhone 5, so stoked!

  40. Dave Says:

    Hey you guys think you can help me out and download my app? Just dropped couple days ago.

    Please search “B Book” if you can help. Booty Book!!!

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