May 12

iPickup lines is a toy app than something i personally would use.
It has some funny one-liners that will make most people laugh and some very smooth talking lines
and some lines i would never ever say to anyone.
But if you are ever in the need of a conversation starter, why don’t use these cheesy ones.

» iPickupLine (gives you pickup lines )

May 03

Tapsterio is a new app in the iSpazio repo that generates sound.
you can select the scale of frequencies, and each sound has it’s unique color in the app.
The app itself has 4 modes.
-Normal where you just hear the tone of the frequency that you select.
-Fall where the tone starts at a frequency and then drops frequencies untill its volume is zero.
-Motion that uses the acceleromater to generate sounds.
-Reflex where you can make the sound spin around on your screen.
The app is really well made, but the only use i see for it (in laymen’s terms) is to annoy the people around you :)
» TapStereo a sound oscilator

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