Oct 22

Go to a random computer shop and you can probably buy a lot of accessories for your iPhone. Things like chargers, batteries, and protection layers are among the most popular items. But things like standards are also popular, but why not make one yourself?

» Make Your Own iPhone Standard With Plexiglass

Oct 21

Griffin TuneJuice 2Ever need more power for your iPhone? That’s what TuneJuice 2 gives you! Even the batteries are included. TuneJuice 2 is ideal for air travel, camping roadtrips or anywhere you could be without power. » The Griffin TuneJuice 2 Offers More Power For Your iPhone

Oct 04

A Swedish website showed a YouTube video about the TomTom Carkit. It’s a hands-on video that gives you an impression of how the carkit looks like. From the looks of it, it works very smooth. The iPhone clicks in real easy and you can easily switch to landscape mode and back. It turns 360 degrees, so you can’t really force the movement.

» Hands-on Video Shows TomTom Carkit

Sep 22

trepied-photo-iphone-1Do you prefer using a tripod when you are making pictures? Do you want to create beautiful, stable images without blur? Making pictures with your iPhone isn’t the easiest thing to do, and without a tripod it often happens your pictures are blurry. Well, look no further, because for only $14,99 the Blurâ„¢ Tripod Adapter can be yours.

» Tripod For iPhone

Sep 19

iTwinge: a accessory that changes the virtual keyboard of your iPhone into a physical keyboard. The iPhone fits inside the iTwinge. But what an ugly accessory. » iTwinge Keyboard For The iPhone

Sep 17

paper dockThe heavy economic crisis forces people to safe their money for the most important things. But it is also important that you can place your iPhone in a nice dock so it makes it easier for you to navigate through your iPhone while it’s standing on your desk. Here’s a tip on how to get such a dock for almost no money. » Get An iPhone Dock For Almost Nothing

Aug 27

144927-xm_skydock_300Digital Daily reports that Sirius XM announced the launch of XM SkyDock. This is the first-ever radio dock for the iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available this Fall at a suggested price of $119 and uses the cigarette lighter to power the device and the iPod or iPhone. » XM SkyDock Allows iPhone Users To Receive Live Radio

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