Sep 25

Not long ago the application Netshare was released in the App Store. Not very long after, the same application got removed from the app store due to legal issues with AT&T. Another company that was awaiting approvment of their internet sharing app, PdaNet, is June Fabric. June Fabric’s official statement was:
» Cydia – PDANET iPhone (tether your laptop/pc to your iPhone)

Sep 11

Recently, we did a post over the issues concerning the Blue Screen of Death when using iTunes 8 on a Vista machine. Well, a workaround has been discovered by someone on the Apple Discussions Forum over on Apple’s website. This process may or may not work for you, but there’s another method inside you can try if it fails. » Workaround for iTunes 8/Vista problems

Sep 07

A toggle has recently been released in Cydia and Installer called KeyVib. This toggle makes your iPhone vibrate whenever you type. By tapping on the icon, you enable it/disable it. You then restart your phone to see the changes. » Cydia/Installer: KeyVib

Sep 01

While browsing some forums i accidently stumbled upon a solution for the well known Apple Logo of Death problem (also known as the spinning wheel of death). For the ones of you who don’t know what this is, i’ll briefly explain. The iPhone OS sometimes has a problem of freezing up after a installation, update or uninstall of a App Store or Cydia or Installer app.
» Apple Logo of Death solution! (SWOD)

Aug 30

A new package available via Cydia enables you to get a five-icon dock just by itself without using Kate or something else. It’s called “Five Icon Dock” and it’s developed by Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik, the developer of Cydia. It works very well with no bugs or compatibility issues so far. » Get a five-icon dock without Kate

Aug 27

I’ve had some users on iPhoneFreakz who have this problem with firmware 2.0+. The solution for this will require you to do some hacking but i’ll guid you through it. First you will need to make sure you have Cydia and that your device has been Pwned (WinPwn, QuickPwn or PwnageTool). Then you will need to install OpenSSH from Cydia.
» Error – You must first connect to iTunes with an Internet connection to enable YouTube

Aug 09

WinPwn 2.5 has not been released yet, but an earlier release has been announced. Click to read more. » WinPwn released

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