Mar 09

fix iphone boot problem with CanIHazRecoverA new handy tool has been arrived for the iPhone users with boot problems. This tool is called CaniHazRecover and can fix your iPhone when your iPhone is stuck at the boot logo. There are already some ways to fix this problem but then you need to edit .plist files on Windows to fix the issue. » iPhone Stuck At Boot Logo Can Be Fixed Using CaniHazRecover!

Mar 04

iphone screenrecorder previewScreenRecorder is a new App in the Cydia Store. This app records everything that is happening on you iPhone or iPod Touch screen. This app can be used to create demos or tutorials. To use this app you also need FFmpeg.

» ScreenRecorder: iDevice Screen Video Recorder [jailbreak]

Feb 08

iphone_password_recovery tool just crack itSince iPhone Firmware 3.0 we can create iPhone backups that are password protected. But there will always be people that will forget their password. If you are one of them your backup is suddenly became useless. But don’t give up, ElcomSoft has created a program that can crack your database password for you. » Crack Password Protected iPhone Backups

Jan 19

gordon-iphone-flash-javascriptWe all know that the iPhone users are complaining about the lag of flash-support on the iPhone. We need flash for the internet browsing experience. Developer Tobias Schneider, a programmer from Munich” has come up with a JavaScript (called Gordon) that makes it possible to run flash content on the iPhone. » Finally Run (Some) Flash On The iPhone

Aug 02

Are you a developer? Or do you want to become one, but you don’t know what it takes to become a developer? A very important aspect of making applications for the iPhone, is to know how much it will cost. In the 12 pages long report from infobeans, you’ll get a nice overview of how much you need to invest in making an app for the iPhone. » How Much Will It Cost To Build My iPhone App?

Jul 26

techcakes_iphone_07Are you a developer or do you plan to become a developer? Then you need to know how to promote your app. For the professional developers, this is not new. But the list of tips can still be handy, especially for amateur developers. On timcascio there’s a post that gives you 50 tips on how to make sure people notice you and your app. » Promote Your App 50 Times

Jul 24

There are many people complaining about the short batterylife of smartphones and the iPhone cannot be denied as well. Your probably someone who uses his iPhone the entire day (as most of us), but there are also several people who use the iPhone a little bit less, but still see their battery drain very fast. These people could have battery problems. The iPhone Blog wrote some tips for the users with battery problems. » Some Tips To Prevent Fast Battery Drainage

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