Oct 15

Zarra Studios announced today the release version 1.1 to iWeb Buddy. iWeb Buddy is a post processor application for iWeb that is designed to bring additional functionality to iWeb that professionals and “pro-sumers” have come to need on their web sites. iWeb Buddy allows the user to add Google Analytics, Social Bookmarking and more to your website automatically. In addition, iWeb Buddy allows you to have multiple domain files in iWeb.
» iWeb Buddy v1.1

Oct 08

iBlueSky is a new mindmap tool for the iPhone released in the App Store. It is optimized for capturing, summarizing and developing ideas and projects on a quick and easy way. The application has some very nice features:
» MindMap software iBlueSky – App Store

Oct 06

What may look like Excel at first glance is far from perfect. Spreadsheet shows promise though in that you could do basic calculations using some of the formulas provided (average, median, count, date, etc), and there is cut and paste as well as formatting for those who want to center certain fields or use bold or italics. However, beyond what looks like a visually stunning application, there are a few fundamental flaws that will turn off both the casual user and the advanced users. » Spreadsheet App Not Perfect, But Shows Promise

Oct 02

Beejive is a well known name in instant meassaging and they have now released an iPhone version. It is a very reliable, it logs on every time I have connection no errors, unlike mobilechat witch relies on a seperate server that always seems to be down. The new app supports landscape mode and portrait mode. It has an all new chat bubble witch is pretty neat. The $16 price tag does seem to be a little much but once you try it you’ll regret ever hesitating to click “Buy”. All around five stars easy to use and reliable a must have.
» App Store – Beejive

Sep 30

Creaceed a Belgium based Apple developer released their first iPhone application called Vocalia in the App Store. Vocalia offers Speech recognition running directly on your iPhone. Vocalia, their English speech recognition tool for iPhone can find Relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or even restaurants easy by just saying the name.
» Vocalia (Speech Recognition for the iPhone)- App Store

Sep 24

Saurik, the developer of Cydia, Cycorder, and many others, has successfully ported the old MobileFinder from 1.1.4 and earlier, to the 2.0+ firmwares. The MobileFinder in the App Store can be modified to browse the file system, but is crippled since it does not run with root privileges and can do no more than explore. This MobileFinder works great, with few bugs. » MobileFinder from 1.1.4 ported to 2.0 by Saurik

Sep 08

dTunes is a new application from the ModMyiFone source that is sort of like an iSlsk replacement for now. It connects to the music streaming site Seeqpod and displays your search results in a mini broswer. Then, using the Safari Download Plugin, downloads it. » Cydia: dTunes

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