Jul 21

iPhone 3Gs gets a lot of love from its users for the video recording ability. Since iPhone 3Gs was released, YouTube uploads/day went up to 1600% . Many people decided to shoot video using only the iPhone 3Gs camera.

ZGrip is the one of the serious solutions for shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs. It’s all about stability. There is far too much side to side movement when shooting with an iPhone. » ZGrip: Support For Making Videos On The iPhone

Jul 08


I just found a good video about the disassembly process of the iPhone 3GS.

This movie shows you:
1. How to repair directions for the touch panel.
2. How to do a LCD replacement.
3. And how to replace the battery.

You better do not try this at home unless you really know what you’re doing.

» iPhone 3GS Take Apart & Repair

Mar 30

logo1We got our hands on the iPhone 3G Outdoor / Strap Slim Vertical Case from Beyzacases. Allthough the iPhone is already a very hightech gadget you can easily walk around with a extra stylish and classy touch. Read further to see our complete review on this product.
» Gadgets Reviewed! : Beyzacases – Outdoor Strap

Mar 15
img_0001Google this week has just updated its Google Image Search interface for Safari on the iPhone. It’s finally starting to shape up as a rugged web app now. The

main interface sees changes to the labeling of the images: gone are the long, useless original URLs and image titles. Now, all that’s left are the plain pictures themselves, smartly tiled to fill the iPhone’s small yet seemingly spacious display.
» Google Updates iPhone Image Searching

Mar 05

remindersCermster today announced the release of Relations Manager, their new social CRM business application for iPhone. All people are not equal when it comes to using iPhone. Relations Manager tracks your calls and reminds you when you should contact the people who are important to you. iPhone users can now utilize the application intelligence by classifying their contact details into different categories.
» App Store – Relations Manager for iPhone (CRM)

Mar 04

fileaid_appstore_promoToday i was informed by digidna that their app FileAid is currently free untill 17 March.FileAid is a file manager and viewer for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Easily copy files on your device for a quick look on the road. Powerful and yet still very user friendly, FileAid will let you find the document you’re looking for within seconds.
» App Store – FileAid free untill 17 march

Mar 04

kindleiphoneThe Kindle, which was updated last month, costs US $359.00. Amazon says it has a library of more than 240,000 eBooks for sale. Today they’ve released a iPhone Kindle application that will allow you to read all the books available in the Amazon Kindle store.
» App Store – Amazon Kindle App for iPhone

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