May 20

Docs got another update .. it’s now on version 1.11

The developer fixed some bugs and added some features.

The full changelog is :

-Fixed bug where if saved folder no longer ixists, app connot find any files and no longer has “…” available. (Thank you Bart Elsman).

– Added preference to only show supported file types rather than all files. Defaults to off.
» Docs 1.11

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.81.
The app has a some cool new features.
Let me walk you throught the changelog:

– Use multiple email accounts
– Add custom rss feeds to news ( rss feed ? :))
– Informs the user when mail auto-check is disabled
– 24h time format
– BBC has been added to the default news feed
» Intelliscreen 0.81 (updated to version 0.82)

May 19

I wrote you guys about FileBrowser 1.1 a few days ago, well it seems that Stephan Bayer is unstoppable for the moment, he released version 1.2 this morning and this evening version 1.3. UPDATE to version 1.4 check updated down

What’s new in version 1.2 ?
I briefly updated the original post this morning.
The Settings now allow you to change the HOME directory to your preference and the app now let’s you patch Safari automatically to open local files like (pdf, doc and xls)
» Filebrowser 1.3/1.4 let’s you copy, edit, paste and search your iPhone

May 18

Docs 1.1 has been released and it brings a ton of updates.
The app now supports inline previews of your documents, no longer needed to start Safari to view a doc!
A completely rewritten gui, which i think is very nice.
And last but not least the option to play media files via AVPLAYER.
» Docs 1.1 (extensive guide)

May 18

FileBrowser is a new app from StephanBayer that let’s you browse your files on your iPhone.
You can open your local Word, pdf and html files.
Another nice feature is the posibility to manage your files via your pc’s or mac’s browser over wifi.
» FileBrowser 1.01B (updated to version FileBrowser 1.2)

May 17

CalcPaper is a iPhone or iPod touch version of your classic Calculater with paper roll.

This version looks very professional and i guess this might make it to the Apple Appstore.

The developer is asking for a small donation to get the full version, the unlicensed version only allows you to have up to 50 rows. If you are going to use this app a lot, then i recommend you to buy it.

The price to have the full version is only 2.95$ and can be ordered here.
» CalcPaper 1.02

May 16

NemuSync is a new app that i found. It let’s you synch your iPhone or Ipod Touch calendar with the online Google Calendar.

The following features are already implemented and the developer is going to ad a whole lot more:

– sync iphone calendar with google calendar over the air.
– sync multiple google accounts
– sync multiple calendars
» Sync your iPhone calendar to Google calendar with NemuSync

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