Jun 12

I came across this new article from Walt Mossberg, the well known personal technologist column writer from the Wall Street Journal. Normally i wouldn’t post this as it’s not really iPhone 3G related, but it’s funny that Walt Mossberg names the iPhone 31 times in a review for the Samsung Instinc (that he only names about 19 times :))
» Walt Mossberg reviews the Instinct or is it the iPhone 3G?

May 20

Head of Deutsche Telekom, Rene Oberman, confirmed that in Germany they sold just about 100.000 iPhone’s.

During a meeting with shareholders, the head of T-Mobile Germany, iPhone’a considered to be “the most popular multimedia gadget” in the history of the company.
» The most popular multimedia gadget

May 02

ITools is an app still in development, but i didn’t want to hold this news from you guys.
Not much is known except for a long list of features, but i’m sure we will get new updates in a few days.
The app is the brainchild of Gojohnnyboi (who is only 15y)!!
Here’s the list of possible future functions.
» iTools .. replacement of BossPrefs ?

May 01

The latest build of iPhone OS 2.0 (5a258f), now available to developers who have been accepted into Apple’s $99 iPhone Developer program, includes a feature dubbed “Import SIM Contacts” that presumably does as its name implies, extracting contacts stored on the SIM and copying them to the iPhone’s internal storage. Theoretically, this would allow SIM cards pulled from other phones to have contact information transferred to the iPhone permanent — assuming the cards came from the same carrier.

sim import




This task could previously be accomplished with some jailbreak applications like “SIMport,” though with mixed results.

May 01

For the sporty men among my readers i have found some video’s optimized for the iPod (although also for the iPhone).
They can be found on the men’s health page and they are free.
» Free iPhone or iPod workout video’s.

Apr 30

Hmm I just received this video via mail from a reader.
Honestly, this doesn’t feel good at all. I was a user of windows mobile for quite some years but although the iPhone has it’s minor downsides, i could never go back to Windows Mobile.
Flick Software Research is going to release a new product for windows mobile that will turn your winmo into a full fledged iPhone os X gui. The app is going to support pinching and simulates multi-touch.
Video after the break.
» iswish .. Iphone UI on windows mobile devices

Apr 25

Just a small update to let you know that the community sources have been updated to version 3.8
What’s different?
The repository Conceited Software doesn’t exist anymore, all apps have been moved to the BigBoss repo.


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