Nov 08

John Carmack is the creator of the classic Doom, a game recently launched in the App Store. In an interview with website Kotaku, Carmack explains that Apple is not happy with the growing popularity of games for the iPhone and iPod touch. This seems  a bit strange since Apple is making ads saying that especially the iPod touch is good for playing games on. » Apple Not Happy With iPhone As Gaming Platform?

Nov 07

A new report from OTR global relayed by AppleInsider indicates that Apple is planning on manufacturing new hybrid iPhones that will support both Verizon’s CDMA2000 network as well as the UMTS 3G network. Only the UMTS network is supported by the current version of the iPhone and is used by AT&T and much of the rest of the world. » Apple To Manufacture Verizon-Compatible iPhone?

Nov 07

sony-ringtonesThe Sony Walkman lost their battle against Apple’s iPod, to become the most popular media player, a long time ago. So it’s time to come with something else. Sony now tries to help Apple a little bit. Instead of having the most popular media player they now try to become the most popular ringtones producer. At least that’s what they must be thinking, because for €14,95 you can buy 1,000 rintones for your iPhone. You get ringtones ranging from Hollywood-soundeffects to musictracks and funny voices from comedians.

» Sony Offers 1,000 Ringtones For Your iPhone

Nov 07

Do you want to brush your iPhone’s chrome bezel and give it a steel bezel effect? All you need is some tape and a sponge with a rough edge on one side. With the sponge, you’re going to remove scratches and give the iPhone’s bezel a nice shiny steel bezel effect. The tape is needed to protect the screen and the back of the iPhone. The video explains it more clearly. The result is better then I thought. » How To Brush Your iPhone’s Chrome Bezel

Nov 06

Near Field Communications reports (via 9 to 5 mac) that Apple is rumored to be testing a prototype of its next-generation iPhone equipped with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip. The rumor comes from a “highly reliable source” who provided the information to Einar Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer of Narian Technologies. Rosenberg writes: » Next iPhone With RFID-chip?

Nov 04

app_storeApple officially announced that the App Store is filled with over a 100,000 applications.

» Apple Reports More Then 100,000 Apps In App Store

Nov 03

104733-iphone_4g_midboard_500(click on the image for larger version)

Gizmodo reports that Chinese parts supplier China Ontrade is offering an “Apple iPhone 4 Generation Midboard”, which the company claims it received from Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn on November 1st. The site also claims that it will be posting pictures of the back cover of the next-generation iPhone in the near future. » Rumor: Is This A iPhone 4G “Midboard”?

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