Jan 14

Spotify made an announcement that Spotify is now available for Shazam’s premium Apps on iPhone, iPod touch – including (SHAZAM)RED – and Android. “Just tap the new “Play in Spotify” feature to go direct from Shazam to our Spotify Mobile app where you can immediately listen to the full track and explore more music from the tagged artist.”. » Spotify Integrated Into Shazam’s Premium Apps

Mar 30

itunes 9.1 genius_mixesAccording to MacRumors iTunes will be updated to version 9.1 next month. Probably around the same time as the iPad’s U.S. launch this Saturday. Some new features and changes in 9.1 will be Books, Genius Mixes enhancements, Tweaked summary panes and Automatically songs converter. » iTunes Update Version 9.1 Next Month

Mar 29

iphone poker face songApplegirl002 has uploaded a new movie on youtube where she is singing Lady Gaga’s Poker Face using 4 iPhones. In the First 1.30 minutes she explains what iPhone apps she uses, after that she starts playing. The Apps she uses are Beatmaker “for the drums”, I Am T-Pain “for autotune effects” and a synthesizer application. » Korean Girl Sings Lady Gaga’s Poker Face Using iPhone Apps

Nov 07

sony-ringtonesThe Sony Walkman lost their battle against Apple’s iPod, to become the most popular media player, a long time ago. So it’s time to come with something else. Sony now tries to help Apple a little bit. Instead of having the most popular media player they now try to become the most popular ringtones producer. At least that’s what they must be thinking, because for €14,95 you can buy 1,000 rintones for your iPhone. You get ringtones ranging from Hollywood-soundeffects to musictracks and funny voices from comedians.

» Sony Offers 1,000 Ringtones For Your iPhone

Mar 14

ishredgarageband1-200x300I’m sure many people have pined for a hotrock electric guitar and a pumped up amplifier that can power an entire stadium for all your dream solo rock concerts. Let me show you how to achieve that this very second, with nothing more than your iPhone and GarageBand 09 on your mac. Let’s get started!
» Tutorial: How to record an iShred guitar in GarageBand

Mar 03

tap-tap-revenge-2We already posted some news regarding the new Tap tap revenge 2 app and today i’m happy to announce that it has been released in the app store. Tap Tap Revenge 2 features more than 150 free downloadable tracks and the developer will continue to add tracks every week. Hit the break for more information:
» App Store – Tap Tap Revenge 2 released

Mar 03

The british girl band The Mentalists has put a video online where they use several app store applications (Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth and DigiDrummer Lite) to reproduce the MGMT hit song ‘kids’. Hit the break for the video. What do you think? Smart way to bring some media attention or just a fun way to experiment with the iPhone and iPod touch music capabilities?
» Girls group recreatest MGMT song kids with app store music apps

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