Jul 08

I posted about Neverball already some time ago. Well tonight it was released on the installer. For the people who don’t know Neverball, it’s a super monkey ball clone. Neverball is a game of Lazrhog (known of his other ports linke NOIZ2SA, rRootage en iZoo). I’ve played the game a little but the first thing that i noticed are the difficult controls.
» NeverBall released on the installer !

Jul 04

Last week i wrote you about a upcoming game Neverball that is going to be released in our installer pretty soon. For the people who don’t know Neverball, it’s a super monkey ball clone, but it’s free !! Check my old post for more information and click the read link for a updated video.
» Neverball Updated video

Jul 03

Hudson Soft released a preview video of their Bomberman Touch game. The video of Bomberman touch looks already cool. You can see that is uses the iPhone’s controls to it’s fullest. By Tilting and tapping and using the accelerometer you can control your game. See the video for more.
» AppStore – Bomberman Touch video

Jul 03

Mondo Solitaire is a new upcoming iPhone AppStore game. It’s being developed by Ambrosia Software. We already know some solitair games that are being developed, but what’s so different about this one? Mondo Solitaire has over 100 games to chose from and this in cover flow style. And the price will be 9.99$. Check the video after the break.
» AppStore – Mondo Solitaire iPhone game

Jul 02

HandCircus has been buys with developing a new game for the iPhone AppStore. The name of the game is Rolando and it will be a physics-based platform / puzzle game. The website has been launched but not much information is available yet. You can visit the site Rolandogame.com here or watch the movie after the break.

» AppStore Rolando a upcoming iPhone puzzle game.

Jul 02

Agile Forces is a new game released by the same development team that gave us Agile Messenger. Agile Forces is an online multi-player turn based war strategy game, (it’s no command & conquer but it looks nice). Players are able to challenge other players from all over the world over their GPRS connection through our matchmaking server or play in single player mode.
» Agile Forces – iPhone multi-player RTS game

Jul 01

ThTouch our Texas hold’em iPhone poker game has been updated to version 0.32. The new version adds a lot of graphical changes. There’s a new deal button to start the game. The swiping has remained but now it requires you to swipe untill you see a ok button in the middle of your screen. The gameplay also seems to be a bit faster and more smooth. The game now has a hlepscreen that will take you to the developers homepage (and therefore quits your game).
» THTouch 0.32 – Texas hold’em poker for the iPhone

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