Sep 17

Cube Runner developer has posted that the new version of the game, Cube Runner 2 is feature complete and in beta testing. Find out what the new features are inside.

» Cube Runner 2 in Beta Testing

Sep 16

Warfare Incorporated is a upcoming real-time-strategy game developed by Spiffcode. The game itsels is not new as it’s already been released on multiple other mobile platforms like Palm and Windows Mobile. Warfare Incorporated is set in a future ruled by super corporations engaged in no-holds-barred competition for the resources of the galaxy. The action centers around the newly discovered planet Icarus with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien relics.
» App Store – Warfare incorporated

Sep 16

The long awaited game for the iPhone “Star Wars: Force Unleashed” is now available. This game will cost you 10$ but  I have bought it and found it to be quite entertaining. » App Store: “Star Wars: Force Unleashed” now available

Sep 15

Line Rider iRide is the poular Line Rider game but on the iPhone and iPod Touch. You draw lines with a pencil tool and then Bosh rides your track on his sled. » Line Rider iRide released in the App Store

Sep 14

PhoneSaber, the app that displays an image of a lightsaber and uses the accelerometer so you can have battles with sound effects, was pulled from the App Store. But, it will now be returning to the App Store soon, with a new name and official backing. » PhoneSaber returning to the App Store

Sep 10

Illusionlabs announced their upcoming skateboard game called Touchgrind.
According to the developers, Touchgrind is “the world’s first true multi-touch game” for the iphone.

» App Store – Touchgrind

Sep 09

Need for speed for the iPhone and iPod touch has been announced some time ago. But today at the Apple let’s rock keynote we saw the first screens of the game in action. Overall the graphics look very good and this will probably be one of the top-sellers later this year. Not very much information is available just yet, but here are some screenshots.
» App Store – Need for Speed Undercover

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