Jul 06

I present to you a beautiful game: The Deep Pinball. The game is from the creators of Wild West Pinball. The name will sound familiar with lots and lots of users. The Deep Pinball will be released one of these days and seems to be a cool game to own on your iPhone. The price is not announced yet. If you can’t wait till the game comes out, watch the video below in the meantime:

» Trailer: The Deep Pinball

Jul 05

wolfenstein_nohitlerEA Games has another game planned for the iPhone. It’s called Wolfenstein. This should please a lot of people. Wolfenstein is a very popular game and now it comes to your iPhone. The page on EA Games doesn’t say when the game will be released and it doesn’t say how much it wil cost. But looking at their previous games compared to the populairity, my guess is the game will sell for $4,99. » Wolfenstein Comes To Your iPhone

Jul 04


Normally it takes Apple a lot of time to approve an application or an update for it. When the App Store was first opened it took Apple only 3 days to approve an app. Later it became more like 8 days before an app was approved and now it seems Apple needs almost 2 weeks. It must be frustrating for developers. I check the udate page on my iPod and iPhone every day (sometimes several times). Yesterday, before I went to sleep I did that again, but no updates. I just woke up and ofcourse immediately checked. And to my amazement there were 15! updates all at once. Does Apple just collect all the approved updates and puts them online all together? » Wow, 15 Updates At Once!

Jul 01

Apple seems to take more and more time to approve apps and their updates. Pocket God is trying to come with an update every week. But it takes Apple more time to approve those weekly updates. It seems it takes forever. The newest update “Stop my app is on fire” is still not approved. But to soften the stress Bolt Creative has given their customers a sneak peak into the new update.

» Pocket God Next Update Preview

Jun 30

bigtopten_screen_2-200x300Many games were shown at the WWDC three weeks ago. One of those games is called “Big Top 10” and is now available in the app store. It is a puzzle game and your goal is to connect adjacent numbers in an effort to add up to a total 10.

» “Big Top 10” Highly Addictive

Jun 30

rolandoRolando quickly became a big hit when it was first released. In the puzzle like game you have to move the Rolandos through a mysterious world by using the innovative tilt, tap and Multi-Touch controls. Ngmoco is about to release their next application: Rolando 2. » Rolando 2 Trailer

Jun 27

iphone-3gs-digital-compassWe have seen the digital compass as an application itself. There are also videos about the compass being used in Apple’s GPS system via Google Maps. But we’ve never seen it in a game-like application. » Digital Compass Used In An Iphone App

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