Jul 16


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kolonistsKolonist is a game where you have to become the dominant leader of a piece of land. It looks like the boardgame Colonists of Catan. The graphics look good enough and the replayability is high.  » Kolonists

Jul 15

picture-1Rolando has been popular since the start. It uses the tilt technology of the iPhone, has fun music, cartoony graphics and is very addictive. That seems to be a popular and magical combination. The creators of Rolando now come with Rolando 2. » Rolando 2: More Worlds And New Possibilities

Jul 13

After a very long wait, Worms is finally here. You can now shoot your opponent to heaven with bazooka’s, banana bombs, grenates and many more weapons. The fun and addictive game finally arrived for the iPhone.

Worms is now available in App Store for only $4,99.

Jul 12

Harbor Master: a game where you have to lead boats to their destination. Their cargo has to be delivered in the harbour. Then you have to savely guide the boats back to the open sea. At the same time you have to make sure the boats don’t collide with eachother. The longer you survive, the more points you get, but more and bigger boats will arrive over time. Each round lasts as long as you can keep the boats save and guide them in and out. But recently, the creators of the game have submitted an update. » Harbor Master: Not Easy, Now With Pirates

Jul 11

stoneloopsStoneLoops! of Jurassica is addicting fun and non-stop, edgy arcade action that provides hours of play. The controls frustrate the heck out of me even though you can use touch or tilt. I absolutely reek of failure when I try the tilt controls and the touch controls are a bit tight even for my little fingers, but shrinking the game zone to enlarge the control zone might not have been acceptable and I have adapted.

» StoneLoops: Addictive, Colorful, Beautifull Sounds And Pure Fun

Jul 10

Below is a mysterious trailer of an upcoming game. It doesn’t show who made it, it doesn’t show what kind of game it is and it doesn’t show how the game is called. But from the looks of it, it looks like a GTA like game. There is a guy in a car chased by the police. The trailer graphics look awsome and if this is an upcoming game, maybe it uses the graphic capabilities of the new iPhone 3GS. » Mysterious Trailer Video From Gameloft?

Jul 09

mechowars01Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game. You have to command your troops and lead them to victory. The game is very colorful and uses a day and night theme. Every turn is one hour later. The game is very fun to play and has nice looking units. The game feels a little cartoony which is actually a good thing. » Mecho Wars: Colorful Fun

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