Jul 29

double mazeIs solving one puzzle to easy for you? Then solve two at the same time to challenge your skills. With Double Maze from Bouncing Ball LTD you can do that. There’s a Lite version so you can practice your skills and decide later if you want to buy the Full version of Double Maze.

» Solve Two Puzzles At The Same Time: “Double Maze”

Jul 28

PocketGodReactionShotThe hype of Pocket God continues. With episode 23 “Bait Master” on it’s way, the innocent little app grows out to be even more funny, cute, addictive and extremely famous. With all the different options to kill the bastards called Pygmies, it is time to add some really fun minigames. With Feint collecting the data and storing it in your account, everybody can now share their highscores with the rest of the world.

Micro-games like bouncing coconuts, hitting as many Pygmies with lightning while they are circling around in a whirlwind, and trying to hit those humorous inhabitants with bird goo are very entertaining, but the app (can hardly be called a game) needs a new direction. And with episode 22 the creators of the app introduced the audience with a game.

» Pocket God: Minigames & Fanvideos

Jul 27

resident-evilResident Evil has been officially released by Apple. The can be controlled by the D-pad on the left of the screen. On the right are three buttons, which make the controls better then Resident Evil: Degeneration, which has been around in the App Store for a while longer. » Resident Evil 4 Approved

Jul 27

Are you a Sudoku fanatic? Can you solve a puzzle in 2 minutes? Well, with this app you’ll be able to solve Sudoku puzzles in a few seconds. Even the newspaper Sudoku’s. All with your iPhone. The app is called: Sudoku Magic.

» Solve Newspaper Sudoku’s In Seconds

Jul 19

Origin8 have released a new sci-fi iPhone RTS game called Sentinel 2: Earth Defense, featuring some rather incredibly well rendered 3D graphics.

It’s war, and this time it’s too close to home. The Martian mission may be over, but the aliens haven’t finished playing space invaders yet. Extraterrestrial eyes have turned to a new target: they want Earth, and you’re the one that has to say ‘no’.” » Sentinel 2: Alien Invasion On Earth

Jul 18

real_racingReal Racing is yet another racing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch being released by the excellent developer Firemint. This new racing game is looking to add even more content to the racing genre for the iPhone and does this wonderfully. The game features five different game modes to play through with everything from a well-thought out career mode to a local multiplayer mode where players can race against each other. » Real Racing: Most Beautiful Race Game

Jul 17

I Dig It

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idigitlogoFarmer Lewis has dug himself a hole – financially, and to get himself out of it he has converted one of his tractors into a high tech digging machine. Dig underground to collect items ranging from junk to the rarest of gems in order to raise some money to save the farm. » I Dig It

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