Oct 18

Gameloft just released the new game Star Battalion, which is a well designed 3D space shooter. It is the first game which makes use of both the Game Center and the Gameloft Live!-service. You can complete some mission in single player mode “which gives 3,5 hours of gameplay” or you can battle against your friends. in multiplayer mode. » Star Battalion: New 3D Space Shooter From Gameloft

Oct 12

I love games that are cheap, use ZERO brain power, are quick to play and are engaging.  What can I say? I guess I am a product of the 140 character society in which we live (either that or I have an undocumented case of ADHD). Pig Shot is one of those games. The game is only a buck. Cheap, check. Gameplay lasts as long as you can keep from hitting anything. Engaging and no thinking, check. The premise is simple. The pig hops into the slingshot and once you let it go, it rolls down the farm until it hits something. By tilting the phone left or right you can avoid obstacles. Your goal is to get one from one sling shot to another. If you roll into an object, it’s game over. Though some objects are worth rolling into.  A star or cauliflower, for example, because you pick up both points and gas. Another nice little touch is that the stars have pig snouts for noses. Typically, I’m not a fan of the flatulence, but a little potty humor to give a pig a boost when running low on energy is both amusing and functional. » App Review: Pig Shot

Oct 11

Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon in a commercial without asking permission of the developer and without even knowing if Rovio Mobile “the developer of Angry Birds” will create a Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds. Rovio is mad and published a tweet yesterday saying: We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission. » Developer Of Angry Birds Mad At Microsoft

Oct 08

MC2One of my all time favorite games on iPhone was N.O.V.A, a first person shooter almost like halo. Now there is a new hot game, Modern Combat 2 from Gameloft. I firmly believe that this game sets new standards in all areas of gameplay, From its challenging single player campaign to its rewarding multiplayer experience and the high level of detail….this game is a definite buy. » Modern Combat 2: Hot New FPS For iDevices

Oct 03

The developers of Doodle Jump “one of the most popular iPhone games in the App Store” are planning to release a new update soon. This time its not just a new level, but they are working on a multiplayer function for the Game Center. Lima Sky said on Twitter: Testing Doodle Jump Game Center multiplayer racing. It is totally SICK! Get ready for some serious realtime competition against your friends. » Doodle Jump Will Get Multiplayer Via Game Center Soon!

Sep 30

Red Card Rampage

Do you like football and do you like puzzles ? if you answered yes to both those questions then your in the right place.

Red card rampage is a fun football puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours, the idea of the game is to kick a football at a referee to put him on a rampage pull the red card out on you and his head will pop, sound easy? think again

Throughout the game there are obstacles you will have to bypass and other players will have to help, there are bouncy panels, fans, spikes see-saws and more, are you up for the challenge ?  Get yourself down to the app-store and buy this game for a amazing price of $0.99.

Sep 30

uhhh...stop me if heard it, boys. This lady ran into a bar....

At the present time the we are enjoying an unprecedented time of peace. Fast forward to the year 2012; we are on the brink of extinction and you are the only group of soldiers that is left to protect the world from the Trinigon Alliance. Step into the world of Project Sanctuary, where you have the option of being one of three characters and take down the Alliance. While its a familiar story line and at times slightly cheesy,  the game is fast, with great in-game graphics and a haunting soundtrack.

» App Review: Project Sanctuary

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