Jan 23

Angry Birds isn’t just a game anymore it’s almost an obsession for some people, they even eat Angry Birds these days. Take a look at the birthday cake of Adam Riggins who recently turned 31. His girlfriend decided to make this amazing Angry Births cake. “My wonderful girlfriend Melanie made this by hand. How awesome is that?!  Not to mention it was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cake on the inside…  She’s a keeper.”

Jan 22

Rovio will release a Valentine’s day update for the popular iPhone game Angry Birds, on the 14th of February. In this version of the game we have a pink cloudy background and the pigs are building heart shaped defences. » Angry Birds: Valentine’s Day Pink Edition!

Jan 19

Jet Set Games™ today announced that “Chapter 2” the eagerly anticipated update to Highborn™, is now available as an in-app purchase for the iPhone and iPad. Highborn Chapter 2 adds eight new missions, multiple new features, and plenty of off-the-wall stories and dialogue. The new content can be purchased in Highborn (iPhone and iPod Touch) for $.99 and in Highborn HD (iPad) for $1.99. Highborn Chapter 2 adds several new enemies and allies (including some who decided they looked better in blue than red), and multiple new structures, such as factories and teleporters. » Highborn Chapter 2 Now Available

Jan 18

Angry Birds is unbelievable popular “for some even too popular”, but the fact is a lot of people just love these creatures. This is why a lot of creative Angry Birds fans “such as Tsang Yiu Keung” create beautiful items, to show of there love for this little game. He said “These are my latest creations and hope that you would like the LEGO version of “Angry Birds”.
I love the game very much and I would like to built them with my bricks.”. » Fan Made Angry Birds LEGO Army!

Jan 11

Slice It! has been updated to version 1.4 and includes 20 new levels. This gives it a total of 160 levels. They also added 2 Game Center missions that correspond to the newly added stages and removed the Christmas themed skin. Slice It! is a simple shape dividing game where the users have to slice various shapes into equal sized pieces under a given condition. » Slice It! Updated: 20 New Levels

Jan 05

Com2uS announced that they have released ‘Inotia 3: Children of Carnia’ the 3rd sequel to their Roleplay hit ‘Chronicles of Inotia’ today. The biggest innovation in Inotia 3 is the story that unfolds. Three scriptwriters have been dedicating most of their time plotting, writing and editing a tale of enormous scale. The inotia team has built a game around this epic story to let players be absorbed in to the game as small children, empathize on their cruel fate and become the hero to voyage in to yet another adventure to defeat evil and save the land of Inotia. » Inotia 3: Children of Carnia Will Be Released Today

Dec 23

Hitapp.com announces the release of a flight control and guidance game Launch Control with two modes. It incorporates many parts of human strategy, which will make the player stay in deep focus while taking part in their flight control management. Users will have to guide rockets to the moon and supply the International Space Station in the Launch Control mode, and neutralize UFO’s in Alien Control.  Launch Control involves a mix of strategic planning, thinking ahead, coordination, and flight control. These aspects create an entertaining and addictive game play that challenges a player. After all of this being said, the game play is simple without any complexity in rules and execution. » Launch Control For iPhone Now Available In The App Store

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