Apr 15

Holy Moly Dragons
DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DRAGON DEFENSE! Conquer the villains in the Valley of the Dragons. Strategically hatch unique powerful dragons in the paths of enemies who attempt to slay them and plunder their treasure. Gather food energy to morph your dragons with wings, horns, size, and power. Drop huge boulders on your attackers, shock them with lightning, or freeze them solid with your extraordinary abilities. HOLY MOLY DRAGONS! » Holy Moly Dragons: New Strategy Defense Game

Apr 14

Following on from the overwhelming critical success of Speedball 2 Evolution, Polish game developer Vivid Games announces the release of its new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch title, Neon Mania. “After the intense, hardcore action of Speedball 2 Evolution we wanted something with a bit more escapism that we could all chill out with,” says Vivid Games president Remigiusz Koscielny. “So we developed Neon Mania with the intention of giving iOS gamers a fun way to
take it easy.” » Neon Mania: New Game Release By Vivid Games.

Apr 10

Unpleasant Horse
, has been rejected by Apple. On its official Twitter account, the company stated that the game was rejected for “mature content.” Tweet: “WTF? Apple rejected Unpleasant Horse cuz of ‘mature content?’ We thought horses dying in meat grinders was wholesome family entertainment!” Screenshot by joystiq. » Unpleasant Horse: Rejected By Apple

Apr 09

Race After 1977
They nuked the world, you race the remains! Feel the devastation of a nuclear apocalypse and enjoy hours of fast-paced racing unrivalled on the iOS platform! Slide your vehicle around amazing dusty and icy wastelands, drive on dam walls, jump across ruined bridges and swerve on uneven grounds. What a leap from the industry-standard flat-surfaced routine that has plagued the mobile racing games for so long! » Race After 1977: Good Looking 3D Race Game For iPhone

Apr 07

Retired Astronaut Collective, LLC, released a new free word game known as Squabble for iOS devices. Players go head to head to match their wits and their vocabulary in this multiplayer, online app. In Squabble, users frantically build the longest word they can in a short time limit. Each letter scores points, but some letters are worth more than others. Using the bonus spaces, players can double and triple their letter points. The final round has a long secret word they can decipher for an even greater score. » Squabble: A Fun, Free, Addictive Online Word Game

Apr 01

RenegadeCitizen Studio is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of their Infinity Control strategy game based on easy to pick-up but challenging gameplay, original HD graphics and intuitive controls. The game moves players from the Earth to the outer space where users have to demonstrate all their flight control and guidance skills, coordination and strategic planning to successfully complete the mission assigned to them. » Infinity Control Strategy Game Now Available In The App Store

Mar 31

Aeroflick for iPhone
Apalon is proudly releasing the new title Aeroflick, a game where every user can become a brave and fearless pilot of a paper plane. On a glorious way to the stratosphere users will have to go through various landscapes with firm determination. A porch of a beautiful house is the starting point of a journey full of obstacles and new discoveries. Users can enjoy the scenery and watch beautiful landscapes while flying. The objects located on the ground can give some extra boosts, such as steam coming out of a drain grill resulting in a longer flight. » Aeroflick For iPhone: A Journey Full Of Adventures

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