Mar 15

Chaos Rings II is available for download in the App Store today. This second part of the roleplaying games series continues the story of part 1. The game is developed by the world famous Square Enix studio, who got their fame from the Final Fantasy series. This new part had a new strategic fight system, better graphics and many new enemies and bosses. It even has multiple different endings depending on how you play. Darwin, the main character, has to save the world once again.

» Chaos Rings 2 now in the App Store

Mar 14

Mika Moblie, developer of Zombieville, doesn’t want to develop for Android anymore. The developer no longer wants to put his time in developing games for Android because the profit is too low. It turns out 20% of the development time of the company goes to Android, but they only earn 5% of their total profit. This is mainly due to different hardware configurations.

» Zombieville developer turns his back to Android

Mar 13

Draw Something has become very popular lately and sets some records. The game shows you three words of different categories and difficulty. You choose one and then you try to draw that word. Your opponent has to guess what word you’ve drawn. A highly addictive game and maybe even more fun than Wordfeud.

» Draw Something has been downloaded 20 million times

Mar 11

Dark Nebula – Episode One is free this weekend only. In this beautifully crafted game you guide a metallic ball through a maze. The levels you play are incredibly detailed and a lust for the eye. Developer 1337 Game Design also has a part two for half the money. Both games have nice graphics and sound effects. And both games have levels with traps, doors that need to be opened, and abysses. Episode One has 10 levels and the game can be finished in one hour. Episode two is much bigger, with 19 levels and lots of new enemies. » Dark Nebula – Episode One Free This Weekend Only

Mar 11

Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio and the original Angry Birds; we’re all familiar with those three games. It’s time for something new. And Rovio, the developer of those games, gives the answer: Angry Birds Space. 


» Angry Birds Space Official Trailer

Feb 24

Rovio is teasing their upcoming Angry Birds episode called, Angry Birds Space. Official announcement will be on March 8 and the download will become available on March 22.

Feb 19

There is good news for all Angry Birds fans, Rovio is planning a big new chapter called Angry Birds Space. This new Angry Birds version will be released on March 22. You can see a small teaser above and can download a Angry Birds Space wallpaper here.

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