Jun 24

iTruth is a new game released on the installer. The game is a electronic version of the popular truth or dare game. When you launch iTruth 0.10 you have 3 buttons. When you press the play button. A new screen will open where you have the chance to select a truth, dare or random mode. Each one has a random question that is in the database. When you go back to the home-screen, you can enable the help (how to play) and setup the options.
» iTruth 0.10 – A truth or dare game for the iPhone

Jun 23

iK-TicTacToe is a simple OXO, Tris game. The game has several modes. You can play agains a friend or versus the iPhone or iPod Touch. When you play vs the iPhone you can chose 2 difficulty levels.
» iK-TicTacToe – A tris game for your iPhone

Jun 21

PlayNYC-inc is currently showing a Lego application for the iPhone on their website called Lego Touch – Millions of bricks right in your pocket. According to the website the Lego Touch game will have some really cool modes. To start, there is the architect mode, in witch you can simply build whatever you like. Lego touch will also have a build-off mode, in wich you will be able to invite a friend via sms to compete. The pals mode, allows you to create your own Lego Touch avatar. The game will also have a share mode, where you can share all of your creations with your Lego Touch friends. And the latest option called brick-bin allows you to create your own custom bricks.
» Lego Touch coming for the iPhone ?

Jun 20

HedgeWars is a upcoming game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Some of you may already know this game as it’s been released for windows and Linux for quite some time. The Hedgewars team is currently porting the game together with ZodTTD (he who brought us almost every emulator + vlc4iPhone) to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Hedgewars is a turn-based, multiplayer, strategy game based upon the classical Worms Armageddon.
» Hedgewars – Coming soon to iPhone/iTouch

Jun 19

Tetris got a update to version 2.5. There are some new features. Now you have a menu bar that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. The settings option doesn’t do much for now, but you will be able to change the penguin color, background theme and difficulty in a later release. Once you start the game, you will notice that the Penguin has been adjusted. He now has a hat and a scarf.
» Penguin Panic 2.5 – Penguin tilting game for the iPhone

Jun 17

CyberSaurus got a new update today. Its now on version 1.12. The biggest change compared to previous versions is the added accelerometer support. Personally i think the game plays better now.
» CyberSaurus 1.2 – 3d shooter for the iPhone

Jun 15

Binary Square released 2 videos of their upcoming appstore iPhone game titles Space Out and Spinblox. Space Out is a Space Invaders clone. The game presents a Space Invaders-style monochrome game screen, but rather than controlling a movable turrett, the player is in control of a sliding paddle with which he/she must destroy the advancing alien horde by deflecting a bouncing ball. Like Arkanoid, power-ups fall from certain enemies when destroyed with the ball.
» AppStore – Space Out and Spinblox iPhone games from Binary Square

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