Sep 30

Red Card Rampage

Do you like football and do you like puzzles ? if you answered yes to both those questions then your in the right place.

Red card rampage is a fun football puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours, the idea of the game is to kick a football at a referee to put him on a rampage pull the red card out on you and his head will pop, sound easy? think again

Throughout the game there are obstacles you will have to bypass and other players will have to help, there are bouncy panels, fans, spikes see-saws and more, are you up for the challenge ?  Get yourself down to the app-store and buy this game for a amazing price of $0.99.

Sep 25

iCallYou 1
How many times did you say i will call you later and then you forgot it? iCallYou is your call assistant reminder that uses the latest Apple’s Local Notification feature for iOS 4 with the simpliest and most fast way. » Never Forget A Phone Call With iCallYou

Sep 17
Iphone version of mishap

The PC hit Mishap is on its way to iOS Devices, Namco have extended theyre PC hit and brought it to the Ipohne/Ipod touch and The Ipad.

The burton family just bought and moved into theyre new stunning house, little do they know theyre not the only occupents of the house, getting ready to leave they are greeted by a professional parnaormal investigator and exterminitor. » Namco’s “Mishap: An Accidental Haunting”

Sep 07


Apples own applications MobileMe iDisk and Find My iPhone, has both been updated tonight. The biggest reason for these updated is to solve some bugs. The MobileMe iDisk has received some stability and performance improvements, and it fixes a problem opening Keynote files in some circumstances on the iPad, the rotation of images will now be orientate the correct way. » Updated: MobileMe iDisk And Find My iPhone

Aug 24

Imagine, you are out of town to visit relatives 1400 miles away. You get a little alert on your iPhone, and noticed your house is being robbed. Well it happened to a man from Dallas while he visited Hartford, Conn to see his relatives. While he was in Hartford, he got a message from iCam, which is a security application that will notify you when movement has been detected by your security cameras. First he got a Push Notification showing him a picture of the two intruders trying to get in, and eventually throwing a brick through a glass door to gain access » Man Watched His House Being Robbed On His iPhone Via iCam

Aug 23

Apple rejected a new app from the App Store. You probably think that’s nothing new, but the reason for rejecting this app from the App Store is one we have not seen before. Apple rejected a update for the application Read It Later because, “they require customers to register with personal information without providing account-based features”. What does this actually mean and why is it not allowed by Apple? Luckily Apple send Weiner “the creator of the app” a email “after the break” with a little more explanation. » Apple Will Reject Apps That Require User Registration First?

Aug 23

With close to 7 million downloads Angry Birds is one of the most popular iPhone/iPad games in the App Store. They reached this big amount of downloads without any advertisement, but now Rivio “the developer or Angry Birds” talked with Hollywood studios about a possible new way of advertising “a Angry Birds Movie”? They already did a good job on the iPhone game trailer that you can see after the break, but can a Angry Birds movie be just as huge of a success as the game itself? » Angry Birds: The Movie?

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