May 24

iSlsk v02b has been released by the developer Eric, and yes most of the bugs are fixed.Â

for the people who don’t know what islsk is, it’s a P2P application that focuses on music downloads and uses the SoulSeek network.

The full changelog isÂ


  • Fixed the FirewireGUID error
  • Fixed the import crash error
  • Fixed “Transfer failed” error when trying to download an entire folder, or several files from the same user
  • » iSlsk v02b released

May 24

PocketTouch is a tool made to make the controlling of your iPhone or iPod touch much easier when it’s in your pocket.
PocketTouch let’s you control your music with gestures (swipes) and taps on the screen.
The app works but i did have some issues. (expecting update any time)
When you shake your device, the application crashed.
Nevertheless this app can be very handy if you are doing some sports. There’s no need to get the iPhone or iPod out of your pocket. If you’d like to skip a track.. just swipe your finger over the screen to the right and the next song will play.
I’ll include some more options after the link.
» PocketTouch 1.3-1

May 18

SugarTracker has been updated to version 1.5.1

It mainly fixes some bugs, but i’ll give you the full changelog to be complete :)


  • Permission bug; Replaced with the Defaults feature of jiggy; Your data should be converted to the new system.
  • Report and Publish feature creates temporary data within the /tmp folder instead of the /Applications/ folder.
  • Publish: HTML Report and JSON option use the current date if no date is picked.
  • Removed obsolete /bin/chmod and permission test.

Please check our full review here.

May 17

StreetFlow 0.9

iPhone Apps5 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Streetflow 0.9 has been released.

StreetFlow is an application that let’s you tag Resto information around you (it finds this by the geolocation feature), you can add reviews and check out the reviews of resto’s around your neighborhood.
The app has some new features, it’s now been integrated in the official AppTapp repository and it uses the same infrastructure and features as Collage and WallPaper.

Collage and Wallpaper already had a feature that let’s you give comments and receive email reactions on your posts. Streetflow now uses the same login and password information.
Streetflow has now been implemented on the splashscreen of your installed also.
» StreetFlow 0.9

May 16

Some of us have had some issues with installing applications since the new installer was released.
Some app’s that simply refused to work without some minor adjustments.
I personally had the issue with customize and some other app’s.
I clarified released a fix for these issues, you can find the update in the installer.

» Installer 3.1 fix

May 16

Sorry to be a bit late with this one, but it was a hectic day with the iSLSK post.
There was an update to the community sources today.

The repo still includes the ones of ModMyiFone, BigBoss, and Ste Packaging.
and has added the one of the Ripdev guys.

May 16

PhoneZap 1.2.2

iPhone Apps3 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Our friends from Nullriver sofware (the creators of the installer) have released another fun little app.
PhoneZap is a iPhone/ iPod touch client for the phonezap community.

The app let’s you share picutures with geotagging, send txt messages, and let’s you create ringtones.

It feels a bit like twitter but you have the added ringtones feature.

 » PhoneZap 1.2.2

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